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Chioma is an RC from Duke East 2016, terms one and two. She is the RC for second year girls, and is on the first floor of Bassett.


first dance, left to right: Sydney N, Delaney, Rory, Becky, Niamh, Leah, Sydney M, Caroline, Hannah, Helen; front & center: Soren

Her favorite RAG ever, I guarantee. She pretended to hate us, but it was obvious she loved us.


  • Leah Handrick: most likely to be josh dun
  • Sydney Nguyen: most likely to be cecil palmer
  • Delaney Epley: most likely to date her horse
  • Sydney Marcy: most likely to sport
  • Caroline Koontz: most likely to slay on sax
  • Rory Smith: most likely to be rawry xD
  • Helen Emerson: most likely to get kicked out of the pta
  • Soren Creecy: most likely to NOT be inTIPpropriate
  • Hannah Hedley: most likely to make a multi-million dollar corporation
  • Niamh McKinney: most likely to have her name mispronounced
  • Becky Rosen: most likely to look like a forearm

(also included the heckboi flamers.)

2nd RAG night @ satisfaction <3 left to right, back row: Soren, Hannah, Helen, Rory, Becky, Delaney, Sydeny M, Niamh; front row: Sydney N, Caroline, Leah, Chioma


  • "Do you guys think that Sydney is black?" -Soren
  • "Her shirt is the only thing keeping me from jumping off the roof." -Soren
  • "I am a good christian woman!" -Soren
  • "One must not simply find a becky, one must search for a becky...." -Rory
  • "Your pigtails remind me of the Holocaust" -Soren
  • "spiCY" -Rory
  • "I'm great at multitasking..." -Becky
  • "I'm ready to die." -Becky
  • "He looks like an asparagus!" -Delaney
  • "Let's do lines of salt, Chioma." -Soren