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The Holy Church of Roblox, the one true religion (Alongside the Church of Scientology) was founded at Trinity University Term II by His Holiness, Maddox Alvarez, on July 11th, 2018, when on his RC group night at Barnes and Nobel he bought The Holy Book of Roblox. This revered Book contains all of the answers to all of the questions we may have about our true life, our life in Roblox. The Book is so truly Holy and Infallible that if one not of a special position in the Roblox religion looks upon it, they will instantly burst into flame and be eternally banished to the Christian Minecraft Server. Any binding promise made in the name of the Holy Church If Roblox or Roblox Jesus must be done with your non-dominant hand (Don’t question it, ask Brother John about it if you would like to understand)

The Readings

Father Micah was asked to read the Holy Book as a bedtime story at first, but then the members became finna woke as he read and started worshipping, as they rightfully should.

Father Micah would read the Holy Scripture every available night after the RC meetings. The ritualistic beginning of every meeting would include Father Micah raising a clay Roblox avatar into the air and saying:

Father Micah: "OOF! OOF! OOF!"

Congregation: "OOF! OOF! OOF!"

Then Father Micah would, with his Holy voice, say the verse and chapter of the reading for that night.


  • His Holiness, Maddox Alvarez
  • Father Micah Wood (RC)
  • Cardinal Maddox Mayo
  • Brother John Dryden
  • Ben Duong
  • Zach "Mine Diamonds"
  • Andrei Vernon
  • This list is not finished. If you know of anyone else who participated, please put them in.