Connor's RAG

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Connor's RAG was a RAG from Duke East Campus Term I 2013 located on the third floor of Alspaugh. The RC was Connor Crews, and it was his first year at TIP. However, he only stayed for Term I, so he could move into his apartment and prepare for school. He is currently studying law.

After the Term I incident, Connor took over Carter's RAG so Carter could take over the 4th year boy RAGs. This created a Super-RAG of 20 people. But really, it was a Mega-Super-RAG because the whole third floor was basically one big RAG! This included Megan's rag.


  • Jack Briones
  • Hunter Corrin
  • Ben Starks
  • Jordan Robinson
  • Josh Cole
  • Dennis (D-Money)
  • Barrett Pittman
  • Evan Tanner
  • Liam Nugent
  • Steven Pink
  • Matthew Holloway
  • Jackson Richard

Members Added After 'The Incident'

  • Ray Xie
  • Andrew Tuttle
  • Sam Lopate
  • William Shand
  • Brendan Sheehan
  • Sean Ozyazgan
  • Charith Wijeyesekera
  • Jack

4-5 Free Time After 'The Incident'

Fucking with Liam while he took a shit

Sometime during the third week, Liam was attempting to enjoy a nice, calm shit, but his RAGmates would not let that happen: Jordan, Brendan, and Ben (with more people outside watching) threw shaving cream, paper towels, and various other items over his stall, with Liam loudly cursing at them. Due to the absence of any RCs on the floor, this was very easy to do without any interference. This was also when Liam uttered the famous line, "Suck a dick motherfucker" after swatting a water bottle from over the stall. After Liam was finished with the shit, he was locked in the bathroom with Sean. After finally getting out of the bathroom, he issued another line, which continues to be hotly debated, however most agree that he said "All of you fuckers are getting fucked tonight". The day after the Bathroom incident, the very kind janitor lady left a note telling us to not leave shaving cream in the bathroom, and that if this happens again, we have to clean it up. Liam, who thought that this was just another prank perpetrated by his RAG, crossed the note out.

the condom water balloon incident

Another prank whose target was Liam, this began as simply heckling Liam, and Elizabeth whilst they were in the "makeout room", or the third floor common room. this in and of itself escalated to an axebomb being thrown by Brendan into the room. after the room was evacuated, Hunter pulled out the condom, he keeps in his wallet, and took it out, most of the people involved took turns gawking at the condom, as it was something that not many of them had touched so far. the girls asked questions like "why's it so slippery?" and "what's that pouch at the end for?" Brendan unrolled the condom on his middle and index fingers, and was able to make girls shriek with the wave of the hand. he went on to fill the condom with water, and throw it at people. being that it was a condom, it took several throws for it to break. Once the condom broke, and the water spilled out, the issue became where to put it. First, it was dropped on the staircase, everyone but the girls liked this location, they tried several other prank locations before simply putting it in the trash.