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The Cool With That...Not Cool With That game originated when Leighanne, the OSC at the time, decided to... "create diversity." The rules of the game are simple. Leighanne read out a word or phrase and if you were "cool with that" you would move to one side of the room and if you were "not cool with that" you would move to the other side. Thus ensued a discussion. The game was introduced because some RCs had reported racist and intolerant speech by some 2nd and 3rd years.


Leighanne: 2 words -- Michael Jackson

  • shuffling of feet*

Tipster 1: I'm not cool with that. How could you be cool with child molesting? Tipster 2: I'm cool with Thriller...


In all fairness, some games did create interesting discussions, like Anshu's rant on not calling stuff "gay" and certain 4th year girls saying they were ok with saying something was gay if it was spelled "ghey". After the flaws of the game were discussed in PILF one day at TIP East term 2 05, the activity was actually boycotted by a TIPster, Jaclyn. Leighanne, who had never heard any TIPster ask to sit out of the game on the basis of philosophical objections to what it stands for, asked the boycotter to please participate but also admitted that she couldn't enforce participation. And so, the game was boycotted by one TIPster.

Other methods of objection and protest to the game included flipping a coin to go to one side or the other, simply standing in the middle, or staying on one side the whole time.

Phrases included

  • "Calling Something 'Gay'"
  • "Michael Jackson"
  • "Girls Who Dress Provocatively Deserve To Be Harassed"
  • "Violent Video Games Like Grand Theft Auto"
  • "All Asians are Chinese"
  • "Students who take ACT or SAT prep courses should be graded differently that others",

and a category regarding hardworking Asian students and affirmative action.

Naturally, this became a TIP-wide joke at East 2 05.

It should be noted that in subsequent years "Cool With That" has been part of a Diversity Activity during Mandatory Fun. Limiting the people participating in the activity to those who actually want to has meant that these people have enjoyed it and the discussion it creates.