Cory Stine

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Cory Stine
Campus(es) KU, ASU, UGA
Attended 2009 - 2012
Course(s) Film Studies, Design Challenges, Team Programming, Robotics
RAG(s) Josh, Cody, Joe
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Cory Stine was born in and lives in Creve Couer, MO. He has attended TIP every year since his summer of 7th grade and took a wide variety of classes from Design Challenges (ASU, 2010) to Robotics (UGA, 2012). Outside of TIP, Cory spends a lot of his time playing soccer and playing the drums for his band, Last Minute Run.

First Year

Cory spent his first year at KU, where he took Film Studies. His roommates were Vishnu Harikumar, David Spinney, and Hunter. During this year he had a few good friends including Tommy Lubeck, but spent most of his free time hanging out in his room.

Second Year

During his second year, Cory took Design Challenges at ASU, term 2. During this time, he met Justin Kain, whom he is still good friends with today. aside from spending time with his friends Justin and Chip,Cory enjoyed playing Ultimate Frisbee and even played in the Staff vs. Students game.

Third Year

For his third year of TIP, Cory changed campuses and went to UGA, term 2. He took Team Programming for Videogames and during the last week,he managed to mess up his entire classes games. He spent his free time hanging out with his RC Group (BrolationTIP) which included many of his friends including Mac Karant, Dart Ball, Chip Allen, Justin Kain, and his roommate Marquis Toney. He also spent a large majority of his free time with Clara Sparkman and her ladybug pillow-pet, Francisco Juan Alejandro Hector Garcia the Fourth. Cory's team for the Amazing Race (The Killer Cody-acs) included his entire RC Group along with Clara. They managed to set some sort of record for dead last place. However on the following weekend, he made up for the Amazing Race by participating in ultimate frisbee and helping the Red team place second in DAWGfest.

Fourth Year

For Cory's last year at TIP he returned to UGA to take Robotics, where he breezed through most of the work. He built several robots that usually worked flawlessly, aside from his final project robot which had to be re-made several times thanks to Clara Sparkman... :) During class he made lots of good friends including Garrett Botkin, who was later re-named Hector Gonzalez Ignasio Lopez Garcia. He assigned Hector with the job of brick judger and forced him to judge dozens of bricks throughout the term, only two of which were perfect. Sadly during this term, he was diagnosed with being a person of mediumness, a very unfortunate trait which causes said person to have a heightened amount of problems in life. One of the most important things Cory did during that three weeks was officially adopt Maggie Redding as his 'nothing'. During his free time, Cory was part of an elite blob that clogged the hallways every day. This group included Chip Allen, Garrett Botkin, Nick DeSoiza, Josh Uphoff and Michael Stevens. Fortunatly this year Cory did very well in his weekend activities, scoring a suspected 3rd place in the Amazing Race with his team Combination Domination. During DAWGfest, Corys team (The Red Robbins) scored first place. Cory participated in Ultimate where he scored between 3-5 points for his team. He also participated in Clothes Pin Win; an event his team dominated. The Red Robbins came out on top, however they did not recieve any prize for their victory. Towards the end of the term, Cory became good friends with his RC, Joe, and his roommate Will V. During the last few days of camp, Cory began to pass on a few traditions including Tron (bequeathed to Duncan McManus). On the last night Cory went with the rest of the fourth years to IHOP and had a party on the parking deck at 4 in the morning. On that night he managed to get under an hour of sleep total.