Chip Allen

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Chip Allen
Me Sleeping on the Last Morning.jpg
Campus(es) KU, ASU, UGA
Attended 2009 - 2012
Course(s) 3D Modelling, Design Challenges, Criminal Law and Mock Trial, Cryptography
RAG(s) Mike, Josh, Cody, Carson
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Chip Allen was a TIPster from 2009 to 2012, attending Term 2 for all four years at Kansas (first year), ASU (second year), and UGA (third and fourth years). His best friends were Cory Stine (attended the same term/campus as Chip for all four years and was in same RC Group for 2nd and 3rd year), Justin Kain (attended same campus as Chip for all four years and was in same RC Group for 3), and Meredith Gentry. Chip was known for getting into shenanigans over all four years and using Fourth Year Privileges a bit over-zealously.

In Mike, Josh, Cody, and Carson's RC groups, he was roommates with Caleb, Bruce, Patrick Peoples, and Rob Ledbetter, respectively. As a neat freak, his roommates may not have liked him in the room, but his personality and ability to make fun of himself made up for a lot of it.


Chip got in trouble for everything he did, including standing against a wall and talking to his mom over the phone his second year at ASU. His first year at Kansas, he got in trouble for writing a fake love letter to a particularly disliked TIPster and using his umbrella as a weapon. At ASU, other things Chip did included signing term books by tracing his hand with the middle finger and thumb up, then writing "#5" in the middle (this was done because the number 5 in binary can be represented on a hand with that combination of fingers, as learned in Design Challenges that year). When this was done to his roommate's term book, it resulted in Chip's first apology letter at TIP.

At UGA his third year, Chip didn't do anything because OSD Lee Bissett scared the living crap out of him; however, the lack of shenanigans was made up for during his fourth year, again at UGA. Starting out the term, Chip played Kickball for an evening activity the first week, and as the ball approached him, he completely turned the direction of his body and kicked, aimed directly at 3rd Year Alex Coopersmith. Though Chip kicked the ball poorly, Alex still tried his best to catch the ball, but it went foul. During his second week, Chip set his sights on the cheerleaders at the camp, doing anything from taking their fries and moving bowls from one person's tray to another's across the room to telling two cheerleaders that one of his fourth-year friends (Michael Stevens) had gone six months without killing anyone (in reference to the Teen Isolation Program at UGA).

Continuing with UGA, Chip co-created the "stupid" game (as said by Michael Stevens) of Bell Palming (found in Games We Shouldn't (but do) Play), attempted multiple times to steal yellow traffic poles from in front of Aderhold Hall, and took an "unused" brick from Snelling Dining Hall (it's still sitting in his room). As far as things inside Myers Hall go, Chip accidentally broke a piece of red plastic on the exit sign in front of the south stairs on the third floor while getting over a breakup on Monday of the second week. Having recently acquired a Sharpie, Chip wrote "YOLO 2012" on the red plastic and duct taped the piece back inside the sign. As of the last day of the term, it was still there. Finally, on his last night, despite the warnings about being on the 4th floor, Chip dashed across the hall from the north end to the south end, avoiding getting caught. He also holds close RC Chris Squitieri's door label, as Chris had to leave during the middle of the term. He also sprayed a third year (Duncan McManus) in the face with a can of Febreeze.


A victim of very bad luck, Chip tried and failed in three different relationTIPs over his last three years of TIP. His fury got so bad after the last that he ended up missing the second dance of his last year to write a four-and-a-half page apology letter (by choice). The next Monday, because of immature 2nd Years, the entire camp had two write two apology letters during free time: one to Bolton staff and one to Myers staff. With this, Chip had written four apology letters. During his last week, telling a girl that she didn't need dessert during lunch resulted in a fifth and final apology letter over four years of TIP.

During his free time, Chip sat with a group of third and fourth years in the middle of the hallway. Clara Sparkman and Cory Stine were always there, and Justin Kain, Grace Porter, Josh Uphoff, Garrett Botkin, Michael Stevens, Meredith Gentry, Nick DeSoiza, Duncan McManus, Adam Williams, Alex Coughlin, and other TIPsters also frequented. On a note relating to the group, Chip is now known as the "best third wheel ever." During his last day of free time, he helped RPA Cassidy Bingham and roommate Rob Ledbetter serenade Emily Moser by playing Wonderwall on guiter.


Chip was known for Bell Palming, Kickball, and Ultimate Frisbee. During his last two terms, Chip was a contributing member of the red and yellow Ultimate teams for DawgFest. During his last year, Chip made an amazing catch for the yellow team, jumping for the frisbee and landing in a very warm puddle of water to score a touchdown for his team. They won the game 11-2. During the final game of DawgFest, Chip and a lot of the team weren't playing their best game, and they ended up losing in an upsetting loss to the red team. During his last evening activity of all time, Chip chilled on the Myers Quad with fourth years Stephen Bingham and Adam Williams. The three took on anywhere between 7 and 11 second and third years, finishing the game down 10-9.

During his years of SwampFest, PitFest, and DawgFest, Chip competed in Ultimate, Rock Tree Bridge, Battle Tanks, Cheesy Poof Face, Three-Legged Race, Boat Race, the Blob, Water Balloon Toss, Captain's Coming, Tug of War, and many other events, succeeding in almost all of them.


Though Chip wasn't all too known during his four years as a TIPster, lots of people still remember him, his games, and his troubles. He is very proud of writing five apology letters at TIP- one more that Chris Squitieri wrote his last year. As a fourth year, he certainly made the most of his term, completing everything on his TIP Bucket List.

Remember: "Leaving reminds us what we can part with and what we can't, then offers us something new to look forward to, to dream about." - Richard Ford