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Cosmic's (full name: Cosmic Cantina) is a Mexican restaurant located on Ninth Street. It is a popular destination for as well as other outings, in part because of the notoriously low prices. (Five or six dollars is often enough to get something delicious and amazing.) The offerings include burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and salads, as well as hand-squeezed juice and homemade tea and such.

To reach the restaurant, one must climb a rather eccentric flight of (rather narrow and hollow-sounding) stairs painted with poetry, random quotes, and the like. The restaurant itself is rather small and always somewhat smoky due to the food being cooked (duh), but there is outdoor seating on a roof. There is a tent/tarp covering most of the outdoor seating but this obviously doesn't offer much protection if it rains sideways, or even just diagonally. However, no one cares all that much because the food is awesome (or at least, more awesome than the cafeteria food, although the stuff at East really isn't all that bad).