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Cryptography UGA term 2

Also known as the coolest class ever with the coolest Teacher and TA.

Teacher- Trocki TA- Anthony Valle - I'm not at tree!

Rachel- "giggle giggle ... giggle"

Nick- struggle bus.

David- Destroyed smoothies everyday.

Anthony- The hipster, he currently has the hat.

Jasmine- The amazing beatboxer.


Riley- The kid who made crypto fun. Im still waiting to be duck taped to the ceiling! Better nate than lever.

Megan- The best project partner ever (Jasmine said this)

Barbie- The coolest kid ever.

Ashley- Rachel changed her. That laugh..

Kathyrn- I dont make promises. I make threats...

Alex "Sunshine"- Brought "sunshine" to Crypto

Moriah- One question stayed on her mine: "What gives you the right?!"

Anna- Thou shalt not ridicue the pliers in the eye of thine own neighbor when there's a wrench in your. [1]

Mary- She seems sweet and innocent but... Watch out.

Maiya- The little rapper... Very little rapper

Sierra- And the horse is like whatever man.

Chandler- So much power with such a small ball