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David (who actually has no last name, first name, or nickname) is the OSD at TAMU. No one knows the origins of The David but there are tales. David can be easily identifiyed by "Davids Hat[[1]]" (which is a story for another time) and "Davids Glasses" (which is not as powerful as Davids Hat, but still very very dangerous). With his Hat and glasses The David is the most powerful supervisor known in history. The Davids power comes from the conuption of water by others, he knows when you have not had your water and then gets into your head and makes u drink water. There has been plans to take The Hat of David, but the plan has been dubbed a Suicide Mission, even if you can get all the materials, if you dare to attempt this misson look for the page on it, for it will help you, and you need all the help you can get.

Davids Watch is also another all powerful piece of attire worn by The David, but further research is still needed. This specific item MUST be studied by future fourth years, if they hope to accomplish half of what their predecessors did. after all they dont have Naois Halfon and Kaden.

After today's breakfast TiSD (TIPsters in study of David) have realized that David's hat can take more forms than just a hat. It may also take the form of a tie more about this will be added to the section about his hat.

(Dude seriously its Holden) There has been written a small ballad that has yet to be put to music of the first time david's power was ursurped, by his lessers whom we will not name. The next episode of his saga will entail the original OSD tyrant of the KU camps one whom we will again not name, but those who attended KU during the Holden Van Houtan's first and primarily second year will know exactly who is being spoken of. As far as what happened to that OSD, I am unclear, but upon inquiring about aforementioned OSD to D-v-d, He remembered them well, insinuating that they may have fallen to ill fortunes conjured by the Hat.

Rachel is also in possession of a hat in the style of David's. He signed on the hat, clarifying that it was authentic, but it does not posses nearly the same amount of power.

2010 Term II 4th Years loved David so much that he had many twins on Twin Day, creating The Army of David, and he was presented with a bright orange bouncy ball (bought by Cassondra's RC Group (more specifically Megan, Rachel, and Audrey)) signed by all the 4th Years after the 4th Year speeches on the last night.

May it be known that David also enjoys pop-up cards that were made by Lindsay, in which the initial interest originated during term 3, while Lindsay was helping him make thank-you cards for the staff

Let it be known that Holden has achieved the status of being in D-v-d's RC group 2 years in a row, as well as setting record for most terms at TIP with 6 terms. (2 of them were term 3). On the glorious day known as Term 3, D-v-d and the other staff members (literally ALL of them) went to lunch with Holden, Annie and Annie's wonderful Mother, at the Blue Baker, where D-v-d partook in some of our most delicious mortal foods, even though he only drinks nectar and ambrosia, similar to the gods. He has also been known to have a few solid gold bricks as treats. Just before this wonderful feast occured, a former tipster known as Kendall Anderson visited the beloved site of Crocker Hall (where there are plans to tear it down, join the FB group pls) and enjoyed a nice afternoon talking. After the feast, we retreated to the movie theater, where Holden fell asleep watching inception.

Please feel free to share any more individual stories that have D-v-d in them.