Dr. Kane

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Dr. Kane, a TiP instructor for 33 years and counting (as of the end of TiP 2019), has taught Macroeconomics and Microeconomics at TiP East Campus. He was once a musician but later turned dismally into an economist and currently works at State University of New York at Oswego.

As a big music fan, Dr. Kane often references classic songs, and when most of the students have no idea what the songs or songwriters are, he prompt shakes his head in shame saying,"Basic cultural literacy."

Having been at TiP for so long (the longest standing instructor for TiP), Dr. Kane has seen many of today's TiP lore in person, having witnessed the original ROSH for the Mandate of Heaven (of which Dr. Kane said was not as dramatic as tales claim it to be. take no heed of it.) as well as the birth of the Llama. The Llama story was confirmed by Professor John Kane, who was at TIP when the Llama came into being. Dr. Kane refused to give any details on who actually ordered the Llama pinata, leading some to believe that it was, in fact, him.

Dr. Kane takes his job at TiP very seriously, due in part to his large TiP salary, which, though unnamed, must be rather large due to the bonuses every instructor receives for returning to TiP each year. As such, Dr. Kane does not at all joke in class and notes that sarcasm is definitively prohibited, ala the TiP handbook. All instructors should strive to maintain the level of seriousness that Dr. Kane has.

Dr. Kane has been an instructor at TiP for so long that many considered him to be apart of the Lore.