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Tip Drinks At Tip some of us have a tradition of making custom drinks and passing them from campus to campus. As follows here are the most accurate recipes available.

Jesus Juice:

Ogre-Aid: 1/8 Blue Powerade 1/8 Orange Fanta 1/4 Dr. Pepper Fill to top with: Sprite Ogre-ade requires a thorough stirring action, as though the drinker were an ogre himself. The beverage should assume a swampy tinge of green and orange when complete. This drink’s origins date back to the second KU term of 2014 in sync with the then-popular “Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life” phenomenon. It's inventor is debated by great historians to this day.

Donkey Cola: 1/8 Blue Powerade 1/8 Orange Fanta 1/4 Coke Top it off with: Sprite Stir fervently. this should look brownish. this was produced by mistake and an attempt at Ogre-Aid at KU Term 2 2014.

Jazmin Juice: Early in the morning of the second day of Term 2 at Rice, another important landmark of Tip beveraging history was created. A clumpy, fuckupsterpiece of shit, the Jazmyn Juice is a disgusting mess. 4 splenda packets 1 sweet'n low packet 1 hot chocolate packet 1 trumoo a little sprite zero a little orange fant a little blue powerade Stir until clumps “disappear” (do your best, because like a rotting corpse, it’s never truly soluble.)

Jack-Ade: A collaborative effort between three tipsters, the idea behind Jack-Ade was conceived at “The Chocolate Bar” in Rice Village. What was initially supposed to be a way to both carbonate and flavor milk, Jack-Ade’s true form is left to be seen by those brave enough to procure the fizzes. 1 2% milk carton 2 grape fizzes (available at the Chocolate Bar at Rice Village) 2 orange fizzes (available at the Chocolate Bar at Rice Village)

J’spresso: At the expense of the shy and introverted kid who left his coffee at the table, the infamous “Fizzies” mix-ins were daringly and nefariously added by dumber. Pronounced [Jæ-spress-oe] the drink is another result of “Fizzies” failing to do their job effectively. 3/4 cup coffee 1 grape fizzes (available at the Chocolate Bar at Rice Village)