Duke East Macarena Cult

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The Duke East Macarena Cult began during Duke East Term 1 in 2018, when a pair of strapping young lads named Shan and John-Michael started doing the sacred dance to every song played at each dance (excluding tradition songs). May the movement continue until the end of time, and may this page not become a sad reminder that nothing is permanent and that even the most cared-for new tradition can quickly die off.

Leadership of the cult is passed down through the sacred squid hat, an unofficial relic originally owned by John-Michael.

The Macarena Cult unfortunately created conflict during its first year. Some individuals, who clearly hate fun and are super lame, attempted to interfere with cult activities. In one of these vicious attacks, the sacred squid hat's ear was torn. The torn hat exists as a testament to the movement's persistence through harsh persecution.

Cult Leaders

2018: John-Michael Kane and Shan Wang

2019: Nick Clevanger

Cult Rules

In order to be a true member of the Macarena Cult, one must meet these criteria:

- understand that the Macarena is the one true god

- proselytize to others and spread the good word

- respect the sinful ways of those who have not embraced the true religion -- do not interfere with others' fun

- do the Macarena during the dances

Leader Responsibilities

Each leader of the cult must do do these things:

- maintain good order, straight ranks, and synchronization

- recalibrate after every song

- pass on the sacred squid hat and leadership of the cult to the next generation

New Leader Criteria

Each new leader of the Macarena Cult should be chosen by the current leader based on these conditions:

- be a 3rd-year who intends to return to TIP as a 4th year

- embody the spirit of the Macarena Cult

- be invested in the growth of the movement

- do the Macarena during almost every non-tradition song at each dance