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Edmund was a valued member of the Words that Matter Duke East Term 2 2019 class. He will be dearly missed.


Edmund's journey began when Saanchi bought him at Whole Foods.

On Friday, July 25th, 2019, Claire promposed to Edmund in the middle of class with a heartfelt, beautiful card. Edmund said no.


  • Saanchi tried valiantly to get Edmund on the class t-shirt. Key word: tried.
  • Edmund was in everyone's minds during Saanchi and Ethan's historic House Plants vs. House Pets debate in Evening Study.
  • Edmund spent many a day during Term 2 2019 in Mila's room soaking up that sweet sunshine.
  • While Edmund's original mother, Saanchi, will always be in his heart, Edmund will be spending the next year and term with Mila.