Words that Matter Duke East Term 2 2019

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When I say words, you say matter! -- Ali

Aka "the debate class," this is a class of cool kids at Duke East Term 2 2019 learning about rhetoric and persuasion. They're a very close class (probably because of their classroom, which is half the size it should be...)

Notable Events

Debate Bracket

As an avid believer of learning through competition, Jackson put everyone in a bracket in which one person would prevail as the champion debater in the class. This was a very stressful time in everyone in the class's lives, but ultimately it was a good experience. The champion of the debate bracket was Kaela!

Debate with Empires Class

On Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019, Words that Matter sent two representatives (Dashiell and Ella) to debate against two representatives of the Dictators, Kings, and CEOs: The Evolution of Empire class (Nelson and Tyler). The resolution was "The federal government should enforce antitrust laws on big tech companies," with Empires as affirmative and Words as negation. The Public Forum-style debate took place in Brown Commons. In attendance were both classes and some staff members, including Justin, who was judging. The debate was intense; many rebuttals were made, one card was dropped, and multiple contentions flowed through on both sides. The results of the debate led to much controversy in the Words that Matter classroom (because Nelson cheated and then denied it when angrily confronted by Saanchi), but everyone agreed that Dashiell and Ella did an amazing job.

The Picnic

On the last Evening Study, the Words that Matter class met outside in the shade to hold a picnic in celebration of the class. Everyone brought blankets to sit on and food to snack on. Jackson brought cookies, pretzels and hummus, and Cheez-its. Amanda brought sweet tea and grape juice for toasting. Each person in the class toasted another person in the class, and there were generally good vibes all around.


  • Abbie
  • Dashiell
  • Peter
  • Zoe
  • Wilson
  • Chris
  • Isabella
  • Emily
  • Linnea
  • Mila
  • Ali
  • Shelby
  • Brian
  • Shunmei
  • Sophia
  • Ethan
  • Sindur
  • Ella
  • Kaela
  • Saanchi
  • Leonardo DiCarpio II
  • Edmund

Instructor: Amanda Robinson

TA: Jackson Stafford


To be added!

NO, US. WE are breathtaking. -- Chris
“Six is seven too many.” — Chris