Leonardo DiCarpio II

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Maybe the fish is a person. -- Emily (probably)

Leonardo DiCarpio II is the beloved betta fish of the Words that Matter Duke East Term 2 2019 class. He has survived a surprisingly long time.


Leonardo DiCarpio II was bought at a pet shop by the Words that Matter TA, Jackson, after the class bonded over their shared experience of accidentally killing pet fish. Jackson also bought a round fishbowl and some fish food. These would become staples of Leonardo's life as he transcended simple life as a pet waiting to be bought and started to become a true member of the class.

Leonardo DiCarpio II was named after Amanda's (the Words that Matter instructor) pet beta fish, who tragically died some time ago. Whether Leonardo's proper name is Leonardo DiCarpio II or Leonardo DiCarpio Jr. is a mystery.

Somewhere during the first week, a portrait of Leonardo DiCarpio found itself propped up on Jackson's water bottle. Also during the first week was a near-crisis when nobody could remember to clean out the fishbowl despite Ella and other concerned tipsters' pleas to do so. After the water was switched out, the fishbowl would stay strangely clean for the majority of the rest of the term.

Leonardo Today

Leonardo DiCarpio has become a vital member of the Words that Matter Duke East Term 2 2019 class. He has a nametag, and his likeness is featured prominently on the class shirt. Leonardo is an inspiration to us all, having survived through a slowly-polluting environment, loud gavel hits on the table, and the Words that Matter class's inability to take care of fish. He is truly an irreplaceable member of the class, and the term wouldn't have been the same without him.