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An RC at TIP for at least two years ('06-'07) and possibly more, Eleanor was known for her craziness, which lay concealed beneath a shy, quiet exterior, her love of rats and escapades with fellow RC's Xiao and Mike Sori.

General Craziness

Asleep in the Common Room

One morning, Term II 2007, Thomas Abbot came to class (Practical Politics) looking generally confused and slightly freaked. He then told the class of the extremely strange experience he had had that very morning. He had apparently woken early and, as many a TIPster can sympathize with, wanted a breath of cold common room air conditioning. Upon opening the door to Basset common room, he reportedly saw a figure under a blanket, sleeping on a couch. He tried to greet this figure when said figure poked her head out from the blanket and uttered a strange growling/shrieking noise. Terrified, he fled. He only saw a hint of blonde hair. Upon hearing this story, two of his classmates (Sydney Zorowitz and Amanda Richardson) began to laugh uncontrollably. For who else could it be, other than Eleanor? Later, this story was confirmed by Eleanor and then, naturally, spread around campus.

Rat Here, Rat Now!

It was the day before the term book page was due. Eleanor's RAG gathered, trying to come up with a brilliant, non-cliched idea. In the midst of all the brainstorming, Eleanor began to laugh. Her RAG, unaware of the reason for the laughter, asked her what was so funny. By this point, she was laughing so hard that response was impossible. She actually fell over laughing. Her RAG began to feel slightly scared, slightly worried, and slightly amused. Their feelings were only compounded when Eleanor was able to choke out the reason for her laughter: "Rats!" Confused, her RAG didn't know what to do. She began to chant "Rat here, rat now!!" over and over and proclaimed that rats must be on the term book page. Thoroughly befuddled, her RAG let her do what she wanted. There are now rats on said term book page and the phrase "rat here, rat now" lives on fondly in her RAG's memory as an example of their RC's loveable insanity. She eventually recovered, but never gave any reason for her apparent meltdown.

Love Life


During Term II 2006, it was revealed that Xiao had had his heart broken by an unmentioned RC. The only clues given were that she was beautiful and had only RC'd for one term that year. During Term II 2007, it was revealed that that RC had, in fact, been Eleanor Ray who crushed Xiao's hopes and dreams of love.

Mike Sori

The alleged love affair between Mike Sori and Eleanor Ray is believed to have occurred in Term II 2007. It was noted and investigated by Eleanor's RAG who all shared an obsession with both TIP and Mike Sori. Mike Sori and Eleanor were clearly close, however the RAG felt that there was more (how could there not be?). This was corroborated by evidence that Eleanor, whose own room had no Air Conditioning, occasionally slept in the common room...on the same nights Mike Sori had night duty. Coincidence? The RAG thought not. Though no concrete evidence was ever discovered, suspicions still abound regarding their relationship (relationtip?), and many of the RAG still feel that there was most definitely something going on. Bow Chikca Wow Wow.

RAG Term II, 2007

Eleanor's RAG Term II 2007 was generally fantastic. Composed of figures like the Sexy Mama, of the SMP, the group of first floor girls embodied all that is TIP. They loved their RC and were thrilled when her initial first impression (quiet, generally shy) turned out to be completely wrong.

Members (By Room):

  • Maggie Killman, Grace Beaty, Emily Grove
  • Amanda Richardson, Sara Broussard
  • Kalindi Shah, Sydney Zorowitz
    • Note: This room, initially intended to be an RA's room, had both air conditioning and a couch. However, because another room on the hall was a single, Eleanor was given that single and this room was given to TIPsters (Sydney and Kalindi). As a result, these two TIPsters were often subject to glares and protests of "unfair!" especially by boys who, thanks to the were not allowed inside. The room did, however, often have many female visitors and the residents reveled in their air conditioning, often rubbing it in the faces of others and asking questions such as "do you have any extra blankets? Our room is just so cold..." However, karma kicked in and their air conditioning started smoking halfway through term rendering it useless unless, as Kalindi once put it, they "wanted to wake up one morning exploded."
  • Jessi Stewart, Anna Rowe Dennis
  • Fay Moody, Grace "Charlie" Williams, Rachel Watson

Obsession with Mike Sori: Everyone is obsessed with Mike Sori. After all, he is Mike Sori. However, perhaps none were so obsessed as the girls of Eleanor's RAG. Led by Sara Broussard, arguably the most obsessed, their obsession was so powerful that their RAG tee-shirts were simply white with black text: We <3 Mike Sori.