Elizabeth's RAG

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Elizabeth's RAG is a group of third year girls from West Term 2, 2015. They lived in HH.

Consists of:

Catherine of Ab Psych

Meredith of Genetics

Kendall of Forensic Science

Catherine of Social Psych

Sumani Nunna of Genetics

Irene of Electrical Engineering

Elysia of Social Psych

Shanzeh of Anatomy and Physiology

Kristina of Evol Bio

Emily of Genetics

Francesca of Forensic Science

RAG Nights

1: Our first RAG night was our off campus one! We went to Target and Cookout. We were driven by Elizabeth and the Genetics TA, Nate.

2: Our second RAG night, we ordered lots of Chinese food and sat in Kristina and Shanzeh's room and ate it all. We ordered curry tofu, fried rice, lo mein, sweet and sour chicken, some other chicken, crab rangoons...mmmm. We also ate $1.50 cupcakes that were supposedly gourmet but they were actually just regular cupcakes that looked pretty and had a lot of frosting. LIKE A LOT. Flavors of said cupcakes were PB&J, Maple Bacon, Chocolate, German Chocolate, and Coconut.

3: Our third RAG night, we walked to East to graffiti the graffiti tunnel. We first got Ben and Jerry's when we found out that the RAG of 4th year guys who was also planning to spray paint DIDNT BUY ANY SPRAY PAINT so we shared with them. It was a really long walk to and from East, plus, the buses weren't running so many of us got blisters on our feet.

Inside Jokes

Purple Onions!

"Let's just put some bleach in it!"


"This is a beautiful story about overcoming racial adversity."

TIPSYNC 2K15: Eminem Mashup ft. Sumani as Eminem