Emma Pederson

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Explaining Emma

Well. It's actually scientifically proven that it is impossible to explain Emma. She's just Emma.

"Just spend five minutes with her. Then you'll understand."

A Little Backround

Supposedly, Emma is native to Lexington, Kentucky, but rumors persist that she in fact hides on East Campus each year until TIP rolls around again. Other sources claim that Emma lives under a certain Oklahoman's bed and is married to the aforementioned Oklahoman's best guy friend. Emma has attended TIP for three years, and will likely be the MOST enthusiastic 4th year ever. Emma, being abnormally smart as any good Tipster is, has trouble performing mundane tasks, such as: getting dressed, opening doors, opening boxs, finding "P"s on a keyboard, speaking English, eating only one omelette, not breaking her glasses, fixing her glasses, remembering her things, and many, many others. She has also been known to get hyper on caffeine. Emma plays a mean game of slapjack, though she has been known to bury FREAKING EVERYTHING, and is matched only by that same Oklahoman.

Her RAGs include Sara's RC Group, DJ's Womanly Brotherhood, Big Bryan with a Y's RAG (unofficially), Karis' Fire Hazard Princesses (in fact, she is one of the main contributors to their legendary Stupid Book), and Tara's Leading Ladies.

In her first year, Emma attended That's Debatable at Trinity University. The rest of her four years at TiP took place at Duke East. Second year, she was in Carl's class, Evolution of Empire. Third year was WaPow. She was one of two fourth years in Apocalypse Soon.

The Return of Emma

In the summer of 2016, Emma returned to TIP as an RC at Trinity University.

The Mayonnaise Cult: Emma Told Us Not To Use Salt? We'll Use Mayonnaise!

Perhaps the biggest moment in Emma's life was the moment when she was exorcised on a piece of cardboard by most (but not all) of her RC Group. See Mayonnaise for more information on the Mayonnaise Cult.