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What's Mayonnaise?

Many people time and time again have questioned this, but we have an answer, to all those clueless as to the origin and reason for many 13 and 14 year old girls shouting "Mayonnaise" (there were some boys, too).

Mayonnaise is a term made popular by Emma Pederson's RC group in 2016, at Trinity University, in Term 1. It has many uses, yet no specific purposes, making it more of a fun thing to say rather than traditional slang. The RC Group, made of Jenna, Andreana, Cheyenne, Isabella, Wenting, Kelsey, Lauren, Emma (not RC Emma), Lisa, Candice (known as Chrono), Natalie, Emily, Katie and Megan, came up with the term during the first day whilst discussing past TIP pranks with their RC, Emma Pederson, specifically a prank in which boys surrounded their RC in a pentagram made of salt and “exorcised” him. Pederson then went on to say "no salt," speaking nothing of the pentagram or exorcism. So, naturally, the group went straight for the loophole, and decided upon mayonnaise for the pentagram’s material. Then, a member suggested hosting a mayonnaise party, in which all the boys (except for Charles) would be invited to and be sacrificed in a pentagram made of mayonnaise. Afterwards, the group found the word mayonnaise so hilarious that they continued to say it, and even named themselves the “Mayonnaise Cult.”

Many people believed that this group was 'satanic', but that's simply not the case. Although a few members of the cult did refer to themselves as Satan, this group was full of religious diversity. We only sacrificed Emma (the RC) once, and that was with Chris' help (shoutout to you).

Mayonnaise Culture

  • Organized Mayonnaise chants
  • "We couldn't exorcise with salt, so we chose mayonnaise."
    • To this day the Mayonnaise Cult never learned the true identities of the mysterious Lasagna Cult they were informed of so many times.
  • "DONKAH (a few of us)
  • "ESIANNOYAM" when Emma said we should lighten up on the chants
    • Pronounced "es-an-yo-yahm" because at first the Mayonnaise Cultists did not truly know how to spell "Mayonnaise" backwards
  • Not being allowed to ship, due to over TIPshipping
  • "Does my elbow distract you?"
    • Once, when exposing their ever-so-scandalous elbows to the male Tipsters, a boy decided to announce his sexuality. Ex: "Do my elbows turn you on?" and he replied "I'm gay" and walked away. The boy's identity was later forgotten.
  • "Shrek is love, Shrek is life"
  • "I ship Lauren and Eugene!"