Erin Ruszkowski

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 Erin was an AMAZING 2018 DUML RC for part of dorm 6. Her RC group went by the name Dory’s Squishies. She was so chill and knew literally everyone's drama. When we first met her, we asked if we could put a denisccc in her room and she said yes. She spent her 4th year at Rice term 2 2016. She's a legend and knew many legends including someone who might legitimately have a TIP baby (they're real)! To give you an idea: one RC group night she told us her plan for getting back at her friend's ex (who cheated on her friend). Soon, there will be 500 fiddler crabs in a certain douche's fraternity.
 Two girls specifically spilt the tea to Erin almost every night: Charlotte and Beth. The two girls kept Erin updated on all the current relationtips and any drama or bad things any tipster did. When you wanted to vent to someone, you went to Erin. When you wanted to know anything about anything, you went to Erin. The two tipsters especially kept Erin updated on the relationtips between Sam and Andrew, Beth and Alex, Rebecca and Will O., and the very uncertain and unstable and overall confusing friendship/relationship of Charlotte and Connor (definitely should’ve turned into something more). One of the best things about gossiping with Erin was she didn't mind if you cussed, so you could just let all of your emotions spill exactly how you meant them.
 She hosted an evening activity on July 2 called Rotisserie Soccer where she had everyone contribute to Tipwiki about the marine lab (as it horribly needed to be updated) before tipsters shoves themselves into large sweatshirts and played soccer at dusk in the quad. Many complaints came from the D1 boys about not playing actual soccer as they missed that activity because of A. D1’s RC group night and B. the activity was rained out so the remaining tipsters watched The Office in the student center.

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