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Evelyn (Evie) Shapiro (not of familial relation to ben shapiro) is a 3rd year tipster (as of 2020). She is known for being the sweetest, cutest, crackhead on campus (not her words).


Evie was at Davidson Term 1 her first year where she took That's Debatable. This campus she met Jane Ballowe, who she would reunite with her second year. She was Jane's mother in part of a complicated family tree she forgot about.

Evie's roommate was Coco Bradford (a pretty snazzy gal) who unfortunately went to Rice for her second year.

Evie was a furry her first year (not a part of her life she was proud of), and joked about it quite a lot her second year. This ended up going badly for her.

She wasn't the most outgoing during her 1st year, but managed to meet some new people her last week.

Evie's superlative first year was "Most likely to eat inedible objects" and it stands true, as she has developed a habit of chewing on napkins when she gets nervous.


Evie was at Duke East Term 1 her 2nd year. She took Political Cultures and Countercultures: The Battle for Public Opinion,also known as Pcult.