Freak Club

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The Freak Club is a club for only the freakiest of TiPsters.

They can be identified not by a symbol or article of clothing, but by their SUPER EPIC FREAKINESS and doing outrageous things that even TiPsters consider odd. It is not difficult to be initiated into the Freak Club, yet it is still a great honor. An even greater honor still is being initiated into the Fancy Club, which is a subsect of the Freak Club. If a TiPster wishes to join the Fancy Club, they must first become a member of the Freak Club, and if they prove themselves, they can climb the ladder into this even more elite TiP Club.


The Freak Club has various branches, with separate headquarters in several locations:

Duke East campus (specific location TBA)

Austin, Texas



The moon

Underwater (a vague location within the Bermuda Triangle)