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The Fancy Club is an elite club of Duke East Term I TiPsters. It represents awesomeness beyond belief.

Fancy Club members can be immediately identified by a right-hand pinky nail painted a sparkly turquoise color. In order to be a member of the Fancy Club, TiPsters must first be a member of the Freak Club (although the Freak Club was founded after the Fancy Club, it is now a prerequisite). Only the fanciest of the Freaks are admitted into the Fancy Club.

History: 2011

The Fancy Club was founded by third-years Matt Robertson and Kate Gibson during afternoon free time on the first Wednesday of East Term 1 2011 during an epic nail polish party. Several other TiPsters were soon encouraged to paint their nails the same fancy shade, including Camila, Koueun, Emma, Elliot, Pierce, Ttam (the other Matt), Arthur, Andre, and various others.

Fancy Club Through the Years

Hopefully, the Fancy Club will continue to be a TiP tradition. Perhaps a lucky third-year will inherit the incredible honor of being in charge of the Fancy (and consequently, the Freak) Club. But perhaps it will die out quickly after its short-lived glory days.