Gabe Deng

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Duke East Term 2 2016 Gabe Deng was arguably one of the most popular second years, along with roommate Alex Rintamaa, best friend Michael Bell, Noah Henson, Ayush, and Backflip Colin. They all were in Gant's RAG except Backflip Colin and Ayush, who were in Brandon's. He had a lot of connections and friendships with third and fourth years as well as a relationTIP with another second year Victoria Lawton who was also one of if not the most popular second years. He also went to Davidson Term 2 2015. His role model was Brecken Yeo, the captain of the Lazer Dragons who didn't really like Gabe until the last day. He also tried and almost did make it on the Lazer Dragon frisbee team but Brecken decided not to include them because there wasn't enough time left. One of the best things about him is his quotes (#Gabequotes). These include "Get outtaaaaa here" "Go away I'm facetiming my mom" "Dude I'm on the phone with Victoria!" "Let's go Nic!!!! *claps 5 times*" "I see you Gant!" "Hey Gant want my leaves?" and of course, "Bro" One incident towards the end of the term that put him and Victoria on the watch list was when Victoria was caught in Gabe's room by RC Gant, who then let Victoria out of the room to have a one on one talk with Gabe for 25 minutes (we will never know what happened exactly). In the end, neither one of the second years got in any serious trouble and only Gabe was sent to the office where he had to talk to the counselor and nothing more. He and Victoria also had some major PDA and it's rumored that even though she lives in North Carolina and he lives in Kansas, they're trying out long distance. During the dances, well, let's just say they did not leave room for Jesus. They'll definitely be a two-time relationTIP but we'll see what happens over the 49 weeks... He was in the Words that Matter class along with Victoria. Let's not forget that this kid is a total baller (being 6'1" doesn't hurt). He thinks he's amazing at basketball, and some of the kids on his team back home (the Dream chasers) are on the USA national basketball team (cough cough Yzell). He was "bullied" by Zbell, the fourth year, often about his relationship with Victoria, his lack of style, and the fact that Zbell would give him buckets any day. You can follow him on instagram at gabe_deng.