Victoria Lawton

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Victoria Lawton
VickyV right before her first performance with Christina at TipSync (taken by Margaret Kirchner)
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2015-??
Course(s) Words that Matter: Rhetoric and Persuasion
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Victoria Lawton was arguably one of the most popular second years a Duke East Term 2 2016. Her roommate was Kareena Patel and she was in Armonie's RAG. Most of the second year drama (such as the second year ultimate team "Black Hawks") revolved around her, somehow. Her superlative in her RAG was "most likely to be the center of all second year drama" for a reason. She had a relationtip with another popular second year, Gabe Deng. She and Gabe Deng were really close and had a lot of PDA. Rumors have spread that they were in each other's rooms a lot but somehow only got caught one time by RC Gant (Gabe's RC). She and Christina Sigler were nearly inseparable and had many inside jokes (i.e. DED). She also did TIPsync and the talent show with Christina and they killed them both. The dynamic duo got passed down Oh, What's Up?! By 4th years' Luke Gomez and Hank Humphrey because of their closeness and their dancing skills. Not to mention their love of crazy antics. She was recruited for the Lazer Dragons by captain Brecken Yeo but could not play to her full potential due to her leg injury that took her to urgent care (more drama). She goes to school with Jules Villani (who she's close friends with and also on the same soccer team). Some of her best friends at the term include Christina Sigler, Mira Thakur, Jules Villani, Gabe Deng (well they were a little more than friends), Margaret Kirchner, Vivian Su, Colin Stenger, and Noah Henson.