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Geometry at Davidson is the awesomest class ever.

The 2012 Term 1 Geometry class was pretty much the coolest class there was. The class was taught by Mrs. J and Kyle Saunders was the TA.

The Geometry students were:

  • Arjun
  • Brittan
  • Alora
  • Sonali
  • Mari
  • Arya
  • ZsoZso
  • Nathan
  • Antonio
  • Quentin

Inside jokes from this term:

  • SHAZAM! WHEAT THINS! (This ended up being a inside joke for the whole term and was even printed on the first page of the termbook)
  • "There's no shame in the loofah." -Kyle the TA
  • "I rap in the shower." -Arjun
  • "Can I change my font one more time?" -Arjun
  • "Use the gun picture!!" -Everbody
  • " bad angle-side-side." -Everybody
  • "Nanananananana...RAT KYLE!!" -Sonali
  • I'm from foreign country. What language do you speak? Foreign Language! (This was from the first evening study)
  • "Ohmygod Becky look at her butt..." -Mari (We said this so many times lol)
  • "MY NAME IS ZSOZSO!" -ZsoZso

Kyle was pretty much the best TA in the history of the world. He was hilarious and told us life lessons when walking us to and from class. (KYLE! I miss your life lessons!!)

At Texas A&M University

The 2009 Geometry class was taught by Matt Thompson with C. Alexander as TA. This class consisted of a 3 week intensive study of geometry culminating with the North Carolina end-of-course exam.

Notable concerns of the Term I included the rivalry between the geometry class and Web Design, in which each class battled for dominance. (Which Geometry won.)

Term I 2009 Geometry Students include: Amazing Adam, Jumpy James, Terrific Traci, Interesting Isaac, Crazy Clare, Nice Nadia, Kooky Katie, Outstanding Oshea, Delicious David, Good Greg, Hot Harriot, Smiley Sally (only for a day)

The official mascot for Duke TIP Geometry at A&M Term I 2009 was..........WAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other places

The 2005 teacher was Allyson Hallman and the TA was Jerry Maine.

Some Term II Inside Jokes:

  • Just Prove It! (Max)
  • Don't Be Fooled (Max)
  • Pimpmaster General (Tobi)
  • Mama, one day I'm gonna run away from home (Max)
  • Sunil the little black kid that always catches the frisbee
  • Pitter Patter (Max)
  • Can't touch this (Tobi)
  • Kumar (Kushal)

wow, max is apparently responsible for lots of inside jokes

The 2006 teacher was Allyson Hallman and the TA was Lindsay Hamrick.

Some Term I Inside Jokes:

  • Beware the Beast
  • The delicate Princess Greg
  • If it rains today, then there will be puddles tomorrow.
  • You spelled "IFF" wrong!
  • No, Chester
  • No, George

The Term II Teacher was Eric Schedler and the TA was Scott Caroll.

Some Term II Inside Jokes:

  • It Jiggles (Sophie)
  • Custom Beans? (Matt)
  • Sophie killed Scott!!! (everyone)
  • Where's my key?!?!? (David)
  • PICKLE!!! (Sophie)
  • Don't be hatin'! Man, You be trippin'. (David and Little Jason)
  • I like drawing circles... (Big Jason)
  • My eyes are clicking! (Charles)
  • I don't think that's a correct abbreviation of assumption... (Eric)