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Web Design is a course offered at TIP Texas A&M, terms one and two 2009. The course was taught by 4-year academic staff veteran and all-around cool person Jill (Cockerham) Nichols and TA'd by scripting guru Zach Musgrave.

Course Topics

Term 1 week 1 was spent on writing validated XHTML Strict. Week 2 involved a heavy amount of CSS2, and also some Shoopin' da Woopin' in Photoshop. Week 3 the awesome TIPsters built their own Web sites froms scratch, covering topics ranging from church youth groups to parents' small businesses to video games Half Life 2 and Call of Duty 4. Other topics covered included PHP, file management, FTP servers and why running barefoot on 105-degree pavement is a really bad idea. The students built their own blogs, image galleries and thumbnail viewers. Something was learned by all, and nothing of value was lost.


Julian is the server Zach ran out of his dorm room to host some of the TIPsters' sites. He/it had 100% uptime term 1 and pretty much rocked everyone's world. Just what you need when TAMU can't/won't help you. The morning of the last day of class, TAMU's network authentication failed and Zach had to spoof Jules' MAC address to get network access. But all's well that ends well.

Python Flash Gates

Python was a stuffed squirrel with a squeaky-toy inside brought by Jill as a class pet. He was handed off each night to a different Web Design TIPster but was eventually absconded with by someone from Vet Med and subsequently passed around the class for a while. He was tested for rabies through frontal lobe lobotomy and infested with non-awesomeness by those unlikable animal folk. But eventually he returned and was, of course, accepted back into the fold.

Term 1

Abbey, Mandy, Daniella, Blake, Zane (The Concieted Web Designerer), Zach P, Nicky, Edward, Roberto, Jeff.

Term 2

The awesome class of term two was seen by

  • Ahron (Socks)
  • Brandi (Twizzler)
  • Xaivier (X-man)
  • Ronay (Starburst)
  • Nick (Nickle)
  • Rebecca (Expresso)
  • Matt (Google)
  • Samantha (Squirrel)
  • Andy (Simi V)
  • Kaylin (Kiwi)
  • Charles (Cheeto)
  • Audrey (Kansas)

Note: Only Matt and Charles' nicknames were actually used beyond the class.

Term 2 Mascot

Term 2's mascot was a stuffed chicken simply known as the chicken. The chicken was loved by the class, and was the topic for the first web site created by it. The chicken is also known to be tortured by Ahron and Xaiver by being flung around the courtyard of the coffee shop. The chicken is currently being mailed to each tipster in the web design class.

Walking to Class

Walking to class became know as a troubling ordeal in the term 2 class because of the fact two of the tipsters would lag behind, and would then hold up the entire class. Only one day was there with no lagging behind of a tipster.


It is safe to say Matt Thompson's and 's Geometry class created significant adversity, as on their t-shirts they noted the number one reason to take geometry is "Its better than web design." However, they were ridiculed for their lack of possession in word one and also for the fact that there is only one Web, and it is a capitalized proper noun. So they can't write their native language, they can't write code or markup and they likely can't even write proofs. Who needs these guys? They're the retreads of TIP at A&M.

Note: M. Thompson is actually quite proficient at coding, so deal with it. Note: Actually, "it's better than web design was the last one on the tshirt, number 15 Vet Med is also no fun at all. They stole Python unfairly. We don't like those guys.