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This common room was where it was at. Chris Sedlock and Carly Judenberg would always be caught here on each others' laps. Aidan Carley, Grace, KeeLeigh Jenkins, Sam, Everett, Emme, Sadie, and Rahmla would also be found in this common room chilling out after class and at the end of the days. This common room originally became the one to hang out in when was crowded. The group of friends went upstairs and found the common room empty and decided to hang out. On the first Sunday morning, everyone named above was hanging out in the common room. They all had just woken up and were talking and having a peaceful morning. Everett then went to his room and got his guitar. That was when everyone realized he was the singer of the group. He sang for around 45 minutes before lunch rolled around, but it was "one of the best mornings ever" (everyone who was there can vouch). On the last night, the entire group of friends hung out and cried together and even added Mason to their group that night. It was an emotional night but the common room got them through a lot and was the place for most emotional breakdowns and also the best moments took place there.