God (East)

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Elizabeth Turner. 4th year '05 (at East II)

God (East)
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2003, 2004, 2005
Course(s) Myths and Legends, Past is the Present, Play's the Thing
RAG(s) Tracey's, Gwen's, Evelyn's
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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Long long ago before there was a universe, there was TIP @ Davidson. Long before the creation of RAGs, there were RC Groups, and one of these groups in Term II '03, had the largest concentration of Wonderwarts TiPsters in the entire dorm. And were also the only girls on the all boy floor. this was not as exciting as it seems

One fateful day during free time of the 2nd week was spent in Pamwise's room playing the Almighty Game of Mafia. A young TiPster with a newly very canon name had taught this game to her fellows and because of this, was the hall's official God for Mafia. The innocent (and not so innocent) townspeople of Gotham City were sure to revere said TiPster during the game and made sure to call her God throught the game to gain her favor. Pamwise continued to call God, God and lo! GOD was created, and thus begins the book of Genesis.

This is also the same Almighty Game of Mafia in which the female Jesus was created.

Without this Almighty Game of Mafia, much joy and laughter and odd looks would have never been brought to the masses of TIP. Sing Ho For the Almighty Game, let its praises be sung throughout the Southern part of the United States.

2005 saw the reuniting of GOD and Jesus at Duke East Term II. Due to the recreation of the Holy Trinity (the 3rd member being a rotating 4th Year male as the Holy Spirit), GOD and Jesus decided to expand their holy domain. They created the titles of Saints and Apostles of the Holy Order of the Llama--which is now known by its full title: The Holy and Most Sublime Order of the Llama: The Official Doctrine of the Holy Church of the One True Llama, a Denomination of TiPism. Many 2nd and 3rd Years were made Patron Saints of very random entities, such as reasonably well-dressed men, Jamaica, and sponges. The Apostles included the Head of John the Baptist and Apostle Maria. Also, several titles of Holy Authority were given, most notably, Cullen's title of The Mouth of GOD.

In 2006, even though she was absent from TiP due to her status as a "fifth year" GOD managed to touch the lives of her Ickle Holy Ones. While attending Governor's School, she send a package to her younger TiPsters. The recipient of this package was Caitlin Cummins. There were mini packets to different people or groups, but the highlight of the package was the the Holy Canon.

The Holy Canon of the Order is a very detailed outlining of the Order, its rules, its heirarchy, etc. It also expanded the titles available from just Saint and Holy Spirit, to a full range of religious figures. The most important of these were, of course, the Holy Spirit, as well as the Pope, Consecrated Virgins (for GOD's own amusement), and a very new and important addition--the Archangel. The Archangel would be incharge of continuing the Order in GOD's and Jesus's absence.

GOD has now been an RC at Texas A&M from 2008-2010.