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"hello precious tipsters"

This is very nice of you and I love you all but remember my number one rule: compromise your ideas, not yourself. Be nice on here but please don't name names if it's not something friendly! - you know who

Aunt Grace: cries at dances and will cut a mofo

  • Grace was the TA for "The Pen as a Weapon: the Art of Satire" at UGA term 1, 2015. Go to any of the 18 kids that were in this class, and they'll tell you that Grace is the COOLEST MOST AWESOME HUMAN BEING TO LIVE WE'RE PRETTY DAMN SURE.. Grace, aside from the student's undying spirit and power of will (we're such rebels), was one of the only cool things to happen in the class. Here are some important reasons why GRACE = COOL.
  • You can find a lot about her on the Satire 2015 UGA page.
  • Grace is the world leader in doing jazz hands (unofficially, for now), and would have us do jazz hands instead of the stupid "clap once if you can hear me" thing, which wasn't that stupid, but jazz hands is way better
  • The satire kids were very intense and very serious about parkour, and Grace contributed in her Grace = cool fashion by saying "Me getting out of bed: parkour."
  • Grace had a nose ring until a while back, and because we stalk her, we know she took it out because she doesn't need to wear a nose ring for people to know she's a badass that can beat you up. We still think she probably looked equally as baller as she usually does with the ring, though.
  • If you've never heard Grace's spoken word, you have not lived. Her beautiful poetry includes some brilliant gems such as "Snowy avalanches." Truly masterful. Suess, I think it's time you step aside and let Grace show her awesome poetry power to the world
  • At the end of almost every evening study, Grace would have Family Fun Time (patent pending). It included roses and thorns (highs and lows but cooler), the aforementioned spoken word, and just Grace being awesome in general. -side note- On the Satire class GroupMe chat, we still do roses and thorns practically every night. FAMILY FUN TIMES LIVES ONN!!!
  • At the dances, Grace was one of the only staff members cool enough to cry (don't tell her I told you she cried, she'll beat me up), so, in satire fashion, we had to have group hugs to bring the whole salty family together. One time at the dance, presumably because she was crying (don't tell her), Grace said "balls," to which Sydney (pink one) said "Did you just say 'balls?'" To which Grace replied "Shut up." We found that funny.
  • One day, under a set of circumstances Grace seized her opportunity. She wrote "GRACE = COOL" in huge letters on the chalk board, which is the truest statement. She later told us she wanted to write "GRACE = SWAG," but thought that was going too far.
  • Grace was an MC with Steven at TIPsync, but we know Grace was the better MC (sorry Steven). She tried to get Steven to go to prom with her the whole time, but the fates forbid it because #HolyGryle is OTP.
  • In a number of photos, Grace can be seen wearing a red nose, maybe because of Red Nose Day, probably because she's awesome, but who cares, Grace = cool.
  • When the satire class was in that tiny little theatre, Grace led the warmups, and it was awesome. We did such things as "Budda gutta," which nO ONE COULD DO BUT GRACE, Kitty want a quarter (quarter? Corner? Sugar? I'll never know) which was fun as hell, and the nose thing which Lorin decided to do in from of everyone, but we love him for it.
  • Grace made it her own personal business to make sure all the Satire students were happy and weren't upset, which we thank you so so much for. (Bailee may have been like 99% of the Satire's mom, but you were da tru mom (in a cool way, though. Like the mom from Mean Girls, because GRACE = COOL).
  • Grace would get a bit...upset at times when the Satire class would walk at approximately .01 miles per hour. We couldn't help it, we were creating dank memes. But pro tip, don't upset Grace, because she's a badass even without a nose ring. another pro tip: walk fast unless you want to hold hands.
  • THE HOLY GRYLE. Grace, the satire TA, and Kyle, the philosophy TA. It's meant to be. It's destiny. It's OTP. #HolyGryle. See Grace if you want the pin, she's great at making pins.
  • Speaking of pins, Grace did make some pretty swag ones. She made a #HolyGryle one, as stated above, a "I'm 100% doneion rings" one, and a "Tell me I'm pretty" one for staff.
  • It was coined in Satire GroupMe to call Grace Aunt Grace, because she's like the cool aunt we all wish we had. (Like tswizzle's "no it's Aunt Becky", but cooler)
  • Oh yea, and Grace? We hope you find this, because you're our favorite human. Ever. Thanks for putting up with us. And you probably regret showing us company because we wouldn't stop singing that damn song, but we love it. But we love you more.

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Photo 1 (57).JPG (sideways but still fab af)

Aunt Grace went and worked at Duke East for Term 2

She is the TA for Literary License without Limit Term II. Which she refers to as "a fancy title for what is basically a creative writing course." All the Satire kids hope she is having blast, and that she will always remember that GRACE=COOL.