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The Pen as a Weapon: The Art of Satire was a class that everyone originally wanted to take when they were first signing up. But there were some things about the class that weren't loved by all. The instructor would take students to the side and would tell them things one would NEVER expect to hear from a TiP instructor. She told one student that she was "too aggressive" and wasn't allowed to talk in discussions anymore, she told another that "their personality was too distracting", and another that "they were too different and were making everything in class about themselves." Besides that fact, the students in the class bonded well together and all loved their TA, Grace. Grace rocked, and would wear a clown nose because GRACE= COOL. Satire had great people in it, however, and they all loved each other. They threw shoes off the Plant Science building, as well as sophisticated shade. And fun facts: over 50% of them are out as some letter of the LGBT spectrum (no one expects the satire inqueersition). And they are loved and accepted as who they are. Because TiP IS LOVE. (Correction: We have had many seemingly straight Satire students who have come out in the days after term ended. 11/18 of the students are some letter on the LGBT spectrum. Bless.) Satire no doubt has the coolest GroupMe chat you could ever be in, and they still try to do roses and thorns as much as they can. You wish you were this cool.

  • This class was the definition of coolness. The instructor did teach us how to do the whip, and fricken' ROCK the whip, let me tell you. We performed the whip at the first dance and all the other classes were jelly of our badass whips. NOW WATCH ME WHIP, NOW WATCH ME NAE NAE WATCH ME WHIP WHIP WATCH ME NAE NAE
  • At the first dance, those lame Satire kids performed the Whip with their teacher and cool and swag TA
Photo 3 (55).JPG
Yes I know, we're very cool. And all full of rainbows. 
  • "I'm so done-ion rings with this"
  • THE HOLY GRAIL WAS HOLY (Satire's TA Grace and Philosophy's TA Kyle)
  • The UGA Term 1 2015 student's final projects were pretty cool, watch them here! > [[1]]

The UGA Term 1 2015 class consisted of:

-Second Years:

  • Sophia: the sweat-less pretzel
  • Xiara: half the lyrics, twice the song
  • Hayley: most likely to fight you IRL
  • Mary Elizabeth: #ME4PREZ2044

-Third Years:

  • Wil: less chil more cel(o)
  • Sydney B: mermaid princess bubblegum
  • Dylan (next year's TiP Moses): country punk birthday boy
  • Ash: will catch them all
  • Indy: will be Etsy famous
  • Manny: revolutionizes 1 scissor at a time
  • Hadley: the sin-amon roll

-Fourth Years:

  • Avery: the real slim shady
  • Catherine: daytime flashlight tagger
  • Emma: ALL THE TIME
  • Lorin: explodes your brain while asleep
  • Bailee: leads discussion in One Direction (#leftulikezayn)
  • Sydney N: now with 20% more squid
  • Connor: the dankest meme with feeling

Class Culture

  • At least 7- Can be used in reference to ANYTHING. Dogs? At least 7. Dank memes? At least 7. Pain? At least 7.
  • Just do it- Not Nike, Shia. Said anywhere, and everywhere. In the hall? JUST DO IT. On break? YESTERDAY YOU SAID TOMMOROW. Headed to Summit? DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS.
  • Gotta go fast- Said mostly by one Connor Anderson. Usually when walking everywhere. Example: "Gotta go fast!" *runs by kicking feet out at 45 degree angle*
  • Sad lamp- The fabled sad lamp, seen only once in one of the windows of the Lions hotel. A white lamp, it sits in the window, and you can't help but notice that it looks like it's reflecting on it's life choices.
  • Have you ever had a...ho-mo-sexual experience?- Quote from "Company," the satire class said it any opportunity we got, mostly because 90% of us are not straight. There was even a promposal (Hadley and Mary Elizabeth!) involving "having a homosexual experience with [the prompose-er] at prom."
  • Donion rings- Coined by Jay, the satire class took this phrase and said it at any given opportunity. Example: "This is no funion rings, I'm so donion rings with your punion rings."
  • Bobby...- The first song from "Company," goes something like "Bobby. Bobby. Bobby baby. Bobby bubi. Bobby" though no one really knows the lyrics, but we still sang it multiple times a day.
  • I have to ___. ALL THE TIME.- Originally said by Emma to Hayley, she said "I have to pee. ALL THE TIME." But she couldn't really talk that day, so Hayley relayed the message as "I have to eat. ALL THE TIME." For some reason, everyone at the table found this hilarious. When Lorin heard we may be peeing more than once an hour, he told the table of mainly females that we should get our prostates checked.
  • Bailee's caffeine overdose- The day the satire class went to the creamery, Bailee had coffee, a five-hour energy, and a can of monster. We all feared she would die and her hands were incessantly shaking for the rest of the day.
  • Orgasm button- The day when Mary Elizabeth really needed to understand what a prostate did (loooooong story), Hayley described it as an "orgasm button," and pushed her palm with her index finger while saying "boop." Emma made this gesture for the rest of the term.
  • Sprinkles the cat- While typing up 50 projects in 3 hours, some students noticed a cat just chilling on the sidewalk. Indy named the cat "Sprinkles," and Sprinkles' movements were closely watched until it dissapeared into the bushes. We love Sprinkles.
  • Family fun time- usually during the last 15 minutes or so of evening study, Grace would do roses and thorns, read us her amazing spoken word (snowy avalanches), or just chat with us.
  • Cherry coke ritual- Those darned apoc kids. They bought a bottle of cherry coke, and tried to make a pentagram out of it, which didn't really work, but the cherry coke was lightly engrained on the concrete for like, a day.
  • Wombat- A nickname for Dylan. We don't really know how he got it we just know it was ONE TIME, and he didn't know the red bull was stale.
  • Plantkin- Luckily, no one in satire identified as an orchid. So we regularly made fun of "plantkin," and it was partially responsible for the color of our satire shirt
  • Oh, ______, you lovable little shcamp!"- said by Dylan/Wombat in reference to anyone he wanted
  • Happy birthday, Dylan!- Unfortunately for him, Dylan's birthday occurred during TiP, and the satire class took our chance. We sang "Happy birthday" to Dylan 3 times that day, and told him "Happy birthday" for the rest of the term.
  • "I'd snap to that."- Whenever anyone said anything worthy, the class would snap. When someone said something worthy of a snap, sometimes we wouldn't snap, but say "I'd snap to that."
  • Jazz hands- to get our attention, Grace would do jazz hands until all of us were doing jazz hands, as it is the sign for 'clap' in American Sign Language. This lead to saying things like "Jazz your hands," and developing a love for jazz hands. "If you're happy and you know it jazz your hands"
  • With FEELING.- During ice breakers, Connor had to constantly remind others to do his gesture "with FEELING," because a lot of people were doing it wrong.
  • Without FEELING.- During ice breakers, Wil (with one 'L') did the same thing as Connor did, but he did his "without" feeling, so therefore it was different than Connor's.
  • Revolution- Based off the first day of class when students watched a video clip from Same to You, Pal by Stephen Colbert and he said "because technically a revolution is 360 degrees right back to where we started…". Whenever the word revolt, revolution, or the Orbit bus was said/seen this quote was screamed out loud. It was used usually between Connor and Bailee.
  • Handy Manny- Manny alway both talked with his hands and had things when needed (i.e. scissors), so he got the name Handy Manny
  • Parkour- Parkour was done whenever Satire walked anywhere special, such as the classroom on the weekends, the theatre, and alternative dinning halls. As Grace said; "Everything is parkour. Me getting out of bed: Parkour."
  • Why is James Crying?- The entire class would occasionally erupt into a chorus of the song "Dunked On" by Froggy Fresh. A few students would say "Why is James Crying?" and mostly everyone else would jump in with "BECAUSE HE JUST GOT DUNKED ON." This went on for all five lines of the sing that people cared about enough to remember.
  • "I'm adding that to my gems."- During the term, Satire had to keep a list of things people in the class said/did that stuck out as important to us. The phrase was usually said by a student after someone in class said/did something particularly smart, wise, dumb, or hilarious, then written down to reflect on later. On the last day of class, every student read their gems out loud so the group could enjoy their majesty together.
  • One day Wil (with one l, he refused to be called Wilson) offered to carry one of his classmates backpacks. A minute later, he had made it his ultimate goal in life to carry everyones backpack at once to the satire classroom. He carried on all areas of his body (stop you dirty minds just stop) approximately 9 backpacks all the way to the classroom. He is a true hero.
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  • SONGS: Basically everyone in the class was obsessed with FOB, P!ATD, twenty one pilots, etc. One person would start singing a song by one of those bands, and everyone would sing along. It was great, and we sang way too much of Sugar, We're Going Down. This was made clear by Wiley by her stating, "It seems like someone always has a song in their heart in this class." Also, in Avery's comic he put the FOB logo in his Satire Starter Pack, which was pretty accurate. Others songs sang frequently were "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Uptown Funk," and (as previously stated) "Dunked On."

Satire RelationTiPs

  • Wydney- Sydney & Wil, everyone shipped it and flipped out when it became canon.
  • Hary or Madley (Madley in love)- Mary Elizabeth and Hadley, they were both going to prompose to the other, but Mary Elizabeth beat Hadley to it. Then Hadley promposed to Mary Elizabeth anyways. Everyone knows it's adorable. (they even dated for a while)
  • Sophindy(?)- Sophia and Indy, but just for the first week, though they are good friends. (Sophia- yes we had a satirfling (satire+fling) but we are really good friends :D)
  • Gryle/The Holy Gryle- Grace (satire TA) and Kyle (pilosophy TA) are hardcore shipped by the whole satire class, and went to prom together. There's a pin about it. #HolyGryleOTP
  • There were other people in the satire class in RelationTiPs, but these are the ones exclusive to satire class members.



Photo 4 (61).JPG 
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In the above photo, every single queer member of the class is circled (and Bailee, because c'mon, she kissed Cheyenne almost as much as Connor.) Connor (the one with the fabulous pose, of course,) was dubbed the alpha queer. Needless to say, Satire was a pretty damn gay class.

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