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RC Sona's term 2 RC group, aka "the Grumions," are by far the best RC group that ever existed. The name was created by Alexandra during an RC group meeting. Originally Sona's Minions (as in Despicable Me), the Grumions were named as a combination of "Gru" (Sona), and the Minions (the RAG). The Grumions include the following:

Paige (horse ADDICT, good photographer, guitar player, and music lover. Attended Animal Behavior)

Abigail (Ghosty McGhostface, lovely hair, great storyteller, FANTASTIC accent. Attended Creative Writing)

Alexandra (Theatrical, dramatic, willing to be smothered, comes up with the most interesting ideas, VERY funny, day brightening. Attended )

Maddie (Laughs QUITE hard, sunny personality, great sense of humour, very smart. Attended Algebra II)

Anna Bryn (Actually NOT a sociopath, loves alternative music, so mysterious that I ran out of adjectives. Attended Modern Medicine)

Ruhee (Exceedingly mysterious, VERY smart, an overall good person. Attended Modern Medicine)

Trudi (Surprisingly mature, sings in the shower, keeps room clean AND welcoming. Attended Creative Writing)

Favor (FANTASTIC flute player, very mature, runs every morning. Attended Architecture (Davidson))

Libby (Levi? HILARIOUS, mature, sometimes wears camisoles with nothing on top. Attended Psychology)

Josie (Easily, by far the most humble person who ever lived upon the face of the earth. Wrote this page. Attended That's Debatable)

Mallie (OMG, the LAUGH! Thought to be the creator of "legal law". Attended The Brain: Intelligence and Creativity)

Katie (Brilliant guitarist, irritatingly pretty, NOT a fan of mandatory activities. At all. Attended Psychology)

Sona (By FAR the best RC TIP has ever known. Likes Harry Potter. And Quinten, OMG!)