Harrison's Fam (Term II)

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The RAG of all RAGs participated in many daily activities that earned them this title including; paper cup baseball in front of Lilly Library (by the 3rd week crowds began to form to watch these intense and exciting games), writing mixtape lyrics, dropping the mixtape Straight Outta Durham, spreading the legend of Charizarding, and being the first group ever to complete the VerONEster. Led by the fam-tactic RC Harrison, this squad had the ultimate pull-game (at least 8 out of the 12 had committed relationtips during the term) and 4 of the members received traditions for the oncoming year (Old Glory/Spirit Leader, Goon Squad, Sex on Legs Hat, and The Gentleman's Hat). This legendary third year RAG had the following members:

  • Cameron Choyke
  • Joe Cox
  • Dylan Faulcon
  • Luke Gomez (Spirit Leader)
  • Joe Hlavinka (Goon Squad Leader)
  • Hank Humphries (SOL)
  • Ricky Johnson
  • Tanner Logan
  • Sean McHugh
  • Chaska Phelps