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The VerONEster

The VerONEster is a combination of two popular challenges at the Duke East Campus: the one (the consumption of one of everything from Taco Bell) and the Vermonster. The challenge begins at the East Campus, where the undertakers reserve a room for the challenge (usually on RAG night). It commences when the group has gathered and takes the first bite of The One. After completing The One, the group runs to Ben and Jerry's (considered the most grueling segment), where a Vermonster has been pre-ordered. Once the Vermonster is finished, they immediately run to Main Street, entering campus through the main gate and circling the quad twice, finishing a mile atop the Baldwin Auditorium steps

The only RAG to have ever attempted- or completed- the VerONEster was Harrison's Fam (Term II) 2015 RAG. The challenge was engendered by Hank Humphries, Joseph Hlavinka, Luke Gomez, Tanner Logan, Joe Cox, Ricky Johnson, Cam Choyke, Zachary Bell, and Nick Jones during their third RAG meeting. Although consistently advised against it, the RAG was determined to try. The challenge itself was undertaken during Activity Time on Toga Tuesday, the last Tuesday of term. During The One, the group almost didn't finish, but were inspired to by Luke's music Hank's reading of Shia LaBeouf. Furthermore, the group was aided by Ricky Johnson's liking for bean burritos, which took care of the most disgusting meals in the challenge. By the time the group completed the excruciating jog to Ben and Jerry's, a crowd of tipsters had gathered for the RAG night. After the Taco Bell, the Vermonster was a relief, and Harrison's RAG even fought for the last scoops of ice cream. The subsequent run home was completed in well under 9 minutes (Tanner Logan went hardcore and ran a 6:12 mile) marking the first ever completion of the challenge.