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The One is a popular RAG night activity among Fourth Year RAGs (mostly boy RAGs) at Duke West and East. The One consists of ordering and eating one of every item on the Taco Bell menu as quickly as possible. Historically, this was considered to be an arduous task, lasting the entire RAG night, and even resulting in vomit. On the East Campus, the One is generally followed by a one-mile- run around the Giles Quad, which almost certainly leads to vomit

During Term II, 2011, Matt's RAG, a RAG of Fourth Year boys, completed the One in 26 minutes, and even ordered pizza afterwards. Not to be outdone, two other Fourth RAGs (Sarah Kate's and Jeremy's) joined forces and completed the One and a Half (one of every item on the Taco Bell menu, two of every taco) in 10 minutes and 33 seconds, and then ordered pizza AND cinnamon sticks.

In 2012 Term 1, Steve's RAG, Duke East, also completed the One challenge.