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Harry Potter is the name of a series of fantasy novels by J. K. Rowling and the movies based on them. The main character is a fictional young wizard, Harry Potter. Harry Potter books are often released during or .

RCs will often purchase the books on their release dates, much to the envy of some TIPsters who must wait several days to get the books. At Davidson Term II, 2005, a few RCs purchased the books at a midnight release party.

At East I, 2003, Basset didn't have some part of the Dorm chant/song thing, so Mark read the opening part of Harry Potter. Many people became sad when a 4th year shouted out the ending. I, luckily, had stayed up til 1 in my closet reading it the night before.

For West II, 2005, the RCs went to the midnight party and ordered HP6 for all the kids who signed up and payed, starting at 7:00 in the morning on saturday they could pick up their copy and read it, much to the envy of many who had to wait days for their parents to ship the book to them. Also, it is noted that you could get in trouble for revealing the ending of the book, as Claudius (4th year) did to some 2nd year girls.

During East term II, 2005, Harry Potter Book 6 was released. Many TIPsters by one method or another, got it as quickly as possible. Smuggling rings did happen, and one brave fourth year journeyed to Ninth Street on her own with about $100 cash to pick up several copies for friends. Due to it's popularity, the green and purple book was an extremely common sight for the following days. It is Fact that Angie was the very first to finish the book on East Campus, with Meg only slightly behind her. They squealed loudly, and had to spend lots of time hiding so as to be able to discuss spoilerific facts without being eviscerated. Lucky ones who got their book extremely fast sold readings of it during Casino Day(c.f. the smuggling rings and brave fourth year). Also, a reading of the first few chapters was an evening activity.

It is also known that the Davidson RC Aimee read the last page of the fifth Harry Potter book for her fourth year one-minute speech.

During ASU Term II 2005, HP6 was released as it was at all the other campuses. Also like all the other campuses, Harry Potter was more than a common sight, and if you went in a single area with TiPsters, there was at least one book floating around. The first finisher I believe did so before the dance the next night, which means that they finished it the day it came out. Sickening. There were also many spoiler people who would ride the elevators up and down Cone dorm and yell the ending and many major plot points of the book, having only read the last page. These people were known as screechers, and were banned from the dance that next night. Otherwise a common rule is don't go to TiP during Harry Potter season, because it will suck.

They took us to go see the sixth movie during term II at ASU. Personally, I think they were afraid of a nerd riot if they didn't.

The midnight release of the last movie took place during 2011 Davidson Term II, and while no TIPsters were allowed, many teachers and TAs went, which angered countless fans.

At West Term II 2011, most of the RCs went to the midnight premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2 and were exhausted the next day, having to deal with mildly furious TiPsters in addition to their minimal sleep. Bruno possessed a dementor costume. Many RAGs for RAG night chose to go see Harry Potter, excepting those who didn't care about Harry Potter (blasphemy, I know) and Sam's and Kat's, I believe, RAGs, who were forced to have their off-campus RAG nights the first week and grumbled about not being able to see Harry Potter for the entirety of term.