Holden Summers

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Holden Summers attended Georgia Tech Term 1 2014. He is the owner of the beanie of lice, and a third year in Physics of Energy. Founder of the sperm whale and traps trends. He dated a girl named Smalls (who was actually pretty tall), and is a lax bro. He brought his lacrosse sticks and constantly says "BRO", "Scrap" and "Traps". He also attended Duke West Term 1 2015. He again brought a fucking beanie which was treated the same way as it was at tech (stolen repeatedly by random people). He was the creator of the "Trash Squad" which will hopefully be a tradition if Christian doesn't fuck it up. He was a fourth year in biotechnology, a class in which everyone in still doesn't know what it was about. He was also a member of the "Boom Squad",Richard Cannon's fourth year boys RAG the most obnoxious and hated RAG of the term.