Ice Cream Theory

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The Ice Cream Theory postulates that "TiP is like a big bowl of ice cream. You come into it excited, maybe even a bit nervous at first, especially if it's a new flavor. And then you take the first bite, and you love it! You savor that bite for what seems like forever, until you realize that it's gone. But that's okay because you still have the entire bowl of ice cream left. So you go on and on eating it and loving it and feeling really happy and wonderful, until it hits you that the next bite will be your last. That after the next bite there will be no more ice cream. That the source of your joy will be gone. But you go ahead and take the bite, and you feel that joy and happiness flood you again -- and you don't want the bite to ever end. But all too soon, the bite is gone. The great love affair of your life is over. Yet that good feeling of happiness and joy and love still remains, and while you may be sad that the ice cream is gone, those good feelings stay with you. You are that much better off for eating the ice cream, and you'll never forget it. And that's what it feels like to be a fourth year. So, all you TiPsters out there, keep the love alive, and savor every moment you have here! ...And then there's all that melted stuff at the botttom: the TIPsters who DIDN'T MAKE IT!"

Eowyn of Bassett gave the Ice Cream theory as her fourth year speech at East II 2005. Jack did yell his infamous addition after her speech, to the great delight of the audience.

This is one of jack's three theories on TiP (although that is debatable as Eowyn of Bassett has claimed that she came up with it), made cleaner and better the other two were given by jack and timmy and where closely related so are under father time vs tip