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We programmed. Taught by Jam and Mike. Some TiPsters who have been to Duke East in the years when a camper can take the JAVA course regard it as one of the toughest courses that TIP offers. Many campers enter the class with no JAVA experience and leave hoping to never touch JAVA code again. The 2005 Term II JAVA class became known for lot of inside jokes and quotes.


  • The Bike program: which tested the programmers ability to link multiple classes together.
  • The final project: The culmination of about 2 weeks learning. Campers are to create a game using their gained knowledge of programming.
  • 1D Simulation:
  • Assignments in Book: Various assignments, ranging from a random number generator for a 6-sided dice to simulating the game of life.

Past JAVA Students

Spring 2004:

  • Rakan Aldukheil
  • Christopher Carr
  • Megan Carroll
  • William Djinis
  • Shawn Donilon
  • Janet Faraguna
  • Augustus Golden
  • Russel Hainline
  • Catherine Hansen
  • Tong Hao
  • Christian Heim
  • Christopher Moore
  • Jackson Musker
  • Steven Nigh
  • Juan Porras
  • Winston Porter
  • Laura Pyatt
  • Kerry Qiu
  • Sarah Rogers
  • Brandon Tapps

Spring 2005 Term I:

  • Tyler A. Brinkman
  • Jacob P. Moore
  • Robert M. Causey
  • James Davidson
  • Jonathan L Gordon
  • John D. Gregory
  • Sida Huang
  • Meng L. Sun
  • Tobi Olufolabi
  • Kevin T. Siegl
  • Kevin Wu
  • Ryan P. Knee
  • Charles P. Jones
  • John J. Klein
  • Sean Beck

Spring 2005 Term II:

  • Jonathan Beker
  • Mark Zhang
  • Christopher Waters
  • Rohan Vakharia
  • Alexander "Nickname" Ryan
  • Rick Russotto
  • Zachary Rubin
  • Henry Robinson
  • Earnest Long
  • David Lee
  • Douglas Kim
  • Tom James
  • Austin Hix
  • Christopher Hamner
  • Wenfei Du
  • Santiago Correa

Notable quotes from 2005 Term II:

  • Get the drugs to the children!
  • spongecake.tiramisu
  • Jam and Mike stole my bike!
  • Wenfei's lack of knowledge of anyone's name: "This is Santi"

Only class at TIP notable for Triangle Porn