James Belanger

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James is a boy in Trinity University Biological and Chemical Sciences term 2 2016. He has done many funny things. His trademark meal that he eats every day is salad and six apples. He loves his apples. He also loves his Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. He wrote the script to the first episode on his arm and the biochemical waste(filled with e-coli saying "Don't hug me I'm radioactive"). He likes Pokémon and wrote pokéstop on the plaque for a statue that was a pokéstop. The funny thing is he doesn't have a smartphone with Pokémon Go. He likes to make glove hands and eat them. Poor James, He has a tough tie remembering peoples names.
This is James posing for a picture. He has never looked more white in his life.

Peoples names according to James Actual name/Jame's mistaken name

  • Robby/Nate
  • Nate Mikosh/Robby
  • Alan/Imaad
  • Tiger/Sam (Sarah)
  • Sam (Sarah)/Tiger
  • Kaylee/Katy
  • Jennifer/Jessica
  • Analise/Kathryn
  • Kathryn/Analise
  • Alex/Alexa
  • Alexa/Alex
  • /Jackson
  • Elania/Han Ming
  • Han Ming/Elaina