Jared Ashcroft

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Jared Ashcroft was one of the instructors of the West '05 Nanotechnology class (its debut year). He co-instructored with Aren, not to be confused with a TA.

Unfortunately, the duo may never teach again, as the class was so popular that the instructors of the other classes plotted to have the dynamic duo separated so that TIPsters would actually want to do classes other than Nanotechnology. Therefore, they are being split up to teach their own classes, with TAs.

The hilarity of Jared Ashcroft continued both in class (calling Duke officials slimeballs out loud in class) and outside. This will be forever immortalized particularly in the RAG night at , in which he managed to lose a minivan full of 3rd years in the suburbs somewhere in North Carolina.

Jared Ashcroft was so popular that members of the class made t-shirts stating "I Wish I Was Jared Ashcroft." There were also rumors that TIPsters outside of the class paid top dollar to receive their own shirts.

Daniel Cushing and Xander Robin, members of Ashcroft's class, had many conflicts with the man. After various pranks in which Jared Ashcroft hid the beds of these individuals, Mr. Cushing was forced to attack him with the open end of a pair of scissors, thereby committing assault with a deadly weapon. He subsequently reported Ashcroft for hiding the beds, and it is a miracle that the administrators allowed him to keep his job.

Jared Ashcroft will be teaching Nanotechnology during the first term at West. He will unfortunately have a TA, rather than his origional co-instructor Aren.