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The 21st century's "industrial revolution" will be fueled by the emerging science of nanotechnology. Already, nanotechnology has stimulated applications in electronics, medicine, clothing, alternative energy sources, and many other fields highlighted in this course. Through hands-on experimentation, class discussion and activities, field trips, and lectures, develop an intuition for how material properties (and the laws of physics!) change at the nanoscale. Utilizing the unique properties of nanomaterials, perform group research projects. Additionally, each student will develop a carefully conceived idea for a nanotechnology research application to present to their peers for discussion. Explore the many fields that nanotechnology can impact, and develop understanding of the synthesis and characterization techniques used at the nanoscale. PREREQUISITE: This course is open to current ninth and tenth graders only.

Offered: 9-10 - Duke University West Campus

[1] circa 2010


Term 2

Nanotechnology was one of the best classes in Term 2, rivaling only Genetics in awesomeness. The class contained more than half fourth years. The full class list is as follows, with their termbook superlatives:

  • 4th year Ethan Agrawal (E-Money)-Most Likely to be Michael Palin
  • Brandon Chen - Most Likely to break the Buckyball
  • Nicholas Chen - Most Likely to eat dogs
  • Joshua Moritz - Most Likely to Uber lalala
  • Cyrus Homesley - Most Likely to wear the buckysuit
  • Seth Ruiz - Most likely to come back from the dead
  • 4th year Charlie Stainton - Most likely to be enthusiastic
  • Anna Yannakopoulos (Bananna) - Most likely to lose her scissors
  • 4th year Preston Tunnell-Wilson (PTDubs) - Most Likely to take you on a journey
  • 4th year Ethan Torres (E-Bunny) - Most Likely to be the destination
  • 4th year Cat Wood - Most likely to owe peope favors
  • 4th year Leland Bond - Most likely to create an argument
  • 4th year Harrison Paul (Harry Paul) - Most likely to be right

The classes instructor was Tom Langley the 23rd (The Thom) The classes TA was Liz Rogawski


Nanotech was a first time class in Duke West Term II. Dangerously popular, taught by Jared Ashcroft and Aren Gerdon. It was about small stuff. Mostly we learned what carbon nanotube is. Need I say more?

Well, you asked for it. Aside from our teacher's horrible timing of bringing in graduate students on wear-a-skirt-wednesday (yes, we got some weird looks), we nanotechies even got to wear biohazard suits and tour some labs. We even created these extremely fun powerpoint presentations! We spent half the time in class on them, and they let us present in a lecture hall, just like college students! Gee, isn't that swell? And if you think it couldn't get any better, our teachers were afraid of us! Yes, in class they ruled with an iron fist, but outside class they were natural campus clowns. Do I detect a hint of jealousy in your voice? No. Well se you deem suitable.

  • Tony
  • Amanda
  • And I'm Taylor
  • Phillip
  • Olga ^_______^
  • Amy <3
  • Brian
  • Other members: Daniel, Xander, John, Thomas, Marc, Chandler, Crispy (actually Chris B), Chris, Trevor, Tom

It must be stated that Daniel, Xander, John, Thomas, and Tom were for the most part the creators of all these jokes, up until about i wish i was jared ashcroft, or wherever they start getting gay.

Some of our copious jokes and memories

(stolen from somewhere)

  • what IS carbon nanotube!?!?
  • I raised my pimp status in nanotechnology.
  • nanotechnology is MY krunk juice!
  • Jared Ashcroft and Snoop Dogg-- BFF
  • Aren rockin out with Kiss
  • 53|210|_|5 64//�|25
  • If I had Crooks' body/face:
  • I wish I was Jared Ashcroft.
  • "It's raining on our parade?" "what rain?" "what parade?"
  • edema + lethal antigen = pirates
  • Look at that SEXY BEAST! --Ashcroft (of himself)
  • Infectious grooves
  • "I'm glad to know you think my ass is sexy."
  • "That's a kneeslapper."
  • "You mean you ROTATE?!"
  • Circle of laughter!!
  • Everyone loves, magical Trevor...
  • "The judges have reached a decision." *beatbox*
  • "FICTION!!!!!!!!"
  • Trevor: “Yo Tony!”

Tony: “Talk to me.” Trevor: “Okay bitch here’s what it is...”

  • Colloidal gold helps prolong life!
  • “Dazed N Confused”
  • Top 5 Sexiest Nanotechnologists
  • Number 6-- Jared Ashcroft
  • "yeah, one of my grandmother's boyfriends.... his wife..."
  • “I would have girls all over me (annoying, but true)”
  • "Crooks-- A crooked life. The picture says it all."
  • “So nucular....” “It’s NUCLEAR!! Get it right AREN!”
  • “C-sixty?” “Thats correct...but not...because you didn’t say what is. Therefore your team loses ANOTHER two hundred points, you are now at -600.”
  • “Aren! It’s not time to go in! We’ve only been out here 6 minutes!” “Oh, really? Ok then.”
  • “By Olga who thinks that guy is sexy ----> *pic of fat guy*
  • “Nanotube” *arrow pointing down*
  • “Where's my damn T-Shirt? I paid ten dollars for that bitch I want it now!” -Taylor*