Jay Shisler

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This page is dedicated to Jay Shisler, a second year tipster who was at Wake Forest University this year for the mock trial class. He has amazing friends like me that take their free time to make a page for him.

Inside Jokes:

•-100 points

•didn't understand in big hero 6 how they shot those big views over the city(didn't know it was animated)

•tries to get everyone to move to Texas

•spiked hair



•sleep well

•12 year old

•selfie contest


  • Jay is known for his Nike apparel and wearing it to the dance. He is also known for wearing two of the same colors on each other (like black on black). Jay is very interesting but a great friend. And RIP to me because he's probably going to kill me when he sees this. HI JAY!

First Year

Second Year: Wake Forest, Term 1

Third Year: Duke East, Term 1