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Jeff's RC Group is one of the most infamous collections of slackers in the history of App State TIP. Among the outstanding achievements of this RC Group, and trust me these are absolutely sensational, include:

- The moving of a couch from the lobby of the fourth floor into room 619 which at the time was being inhabited by 3 people (David, and )(clearly a violation of App State policy) all of who should not have been in the same room. However since Jeff frankly could care less about any trouble you get into short of shooting up straight heroin, no problems arose.

- Teaching David to play Frisbee. (Enough Said, this was some tough shit)

- Disrupted numerous phone conversations between Jeff and his girlfriend (what girl in her right mind would love that man - btw that girl was damn fine from what I remember).

- Going along with the first thing and switched roommates during the first week of the session so that was with Steevo for the remaining time.

- Stephen, Shubh and David snuck out of their rooms (or room [depending on the night]) some 50-something times after lights out all without Jeff either not noticing or just not caring, typically the latter.