Jeweliette Graham

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Jeweliette Graham
Campus(es) Austin College Term 1 2018, Rice University Term 1 2019
Attended 2018-
RAG(s) Nadia, Lauren Keith
Roommate(s) Sarah Michael
Social Media

Jeweliette Graham is a tipster. She attended Austin College Term 1 2018 and Rice University Term 1 2019, where she took Programming for the Web and Social Psychology. While at Rice, she was a member of the LlamaSquad. She is lawful good, and was voted Most Likely to be Confused.

Most Notably

  • She came through and got her whole RC group food on their last RC group night. Iconic.
  • She sang “Jump Up Superstar” from SuperMario Odyssey for the talent show.
  • ”Is super cool” -Lily, Lee, Amani
  • Jeweliette has a hilarious sense of humor, and was famous for muttering dry, witty jokes under her breath for only a lucky few to hear.