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Arguably the best rag at Duke East Term 1 2017. Led by the most chill and fun RC Joseph and located in the corner of the second floor of Alspaugh, these 13 third-years became known as "The Hot Rag" (or THR) by the girls of the second floor of Bassett (LOTHR/Lovers of the Hot Rag/Lord of the Happy Rings). The RAG's favorite hobbies include playing (poorly, if I must say) cup pong, often with no beverage at all, buying flowers from Ninth Street, or cracking open cold ones WITH THE BOIIIIIIIS. The RAG remains legendary to this day for being not only majorly hot but also for being a very fun group of people to hang with. Joe's Hoes may also be known as "Joe's Garden Tools" in an attempt to remain tip-propriate during camp.

rag members

  • Reed
  • Owen C.
  • Christian
  • Jacob
  • Owen T.
  • Timothy
  • Dayne
  • Connor
  • Ash
  • Reece Overholt
  • Mitch
  • Sebastian
  • Ionnis

LOTHR members

  • Rory Smith
  • Becky Rosen
  • Delaney Epley
  • Helen Emerson
  • Sandy Baker
  • Caroline Carter
  • Francesca Vaneri
  • Katie Adcock
  • Kate Harris
  • Eden Sokoloff

honorary rag members

  • Wilson Mueller is basically a part of Joe's Hoe's, spending all of his time with the RAG's members but unfortunately unable to be an official member. WE LOVE U WILSON <3