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Reece Overholt, also known as "Buttercup", "Blazecup", "Reese's Cup", "Reese's Pieces", and most famously "Blazemaster", is one of the most iconic Tipsters that Duke East has seen thus far. His stature resembles that of a tree, towering over the rest of his friends at a height of 6'5" (as of July 2017). His skills include being a Frisbee God (TM) and being hella good at pool and ERS. Reece, however, is not as good at Cup Pong. Reece inherited two relics at the end of his third year. He received the Watercolors frisbee from RJ Williams and Blazemaster from Ethan Saffold. In 2018, Reece will be the first to pass Blazemaster onstage at the talent show. -Neil Patrick Harris, only 6'5"

Blazemaster and the Blazeboys


Noah Risley

Abhi Patel

Skippy VIII (Boden Brindell)

Nicholas Cackett

Big Tex (Claud Bryan)

Wilson Mueller

Ronald Doe

Spencer Gaberino

Garrick Reeder

Will Snider

Tristan Stock

Creighton Tisdale

Dayne Ware


The Blazeboys performed Disco Inferno by The Trammps, as is Blazeboys tradition, at the 2018 annual TiPSync and it remains undetermined as to why third place was not granted to them.

Blazemaster was passed down to Garrick Reeder (above), the only third year in The Blazeboys and rightfully so.


  • Davidson Term 1 2015 - Mock Trial
  • Duke East Term 1 2016 - Spy 101
  • Duke East Term 1 2017 - Game Theory
  • Duke East Term 1 2018 - History of the Future


  • Davidson Term 1 2015 - David's RAG
  • Duke East Term 1 2016 - Emily's RAG
  • Duke East Term 1 2017 - Joseph's RAG (Joe's hoes)
  • Duke East Term 1 2018 - Nick's RAG


  • East Term 1 2016 - Sandy Baker
  • East Term 1 2017 - Francesca Vaneri ("casual" date to TipProm)

Please note: Francesca and Reece were commonly known as "friends with bene-tips", a term coined by Creighton Tisdale; they never were officially a thing though they went to the second two dances together.