Ethan Saffold

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Trinity University Term 2 2014

The man, the myth, the legend. He was adored by a group of first-year girls and even dated one of them.

Family Lineage

Ethan is the son of Nathan and Allie. He spawned three children with his Blazemistress, Lizzie Wright (Sockeisha). His loving kids are Reece Overholt (Blazemaster III, Watercolors Disc), Taylor Krick (Sockeisha), and Will Snider (). Each has two children of their own. Taylor's daughters are Lauren Watson (Sockeisha) and Sydney, Reece's sons are Garrick Reeder (Blazemaster IV) and Sam King (Watercolors Disc), and Will's kids are Katherine Lawson () and Braden Borbley (The Pride Flag). Ethan's legacy lives on through his family.


2017 host of Blazemaster and the Fairy Wings.

Passing Down


  • Mad decent drum boi
  • Aka forearm by some lame third year girls (i luv u forearm -rory, the only one you care about)
  • Hella rad
  • Had the BEST Blazemistress, the wonderfulest, the most perf, she will fight u on this topic
  • Drinks apple juice with ice (eew)
  • Is a meme
  • Future romantic comedy star