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Elizabeth Wright was easily an icon of Duke TIP. Known for her "tippyness", enthusiasm, and hatred against all those with ice in their apple juice, Queen Elizabeth reigned at Wake Forest for her first two years and then continued on to East. Her fourth year, she carried the relic "Sockeisha" and was the first to pass this relic down on stage.

Notable Qualities

  • For 3rd and 4th year she was in a relationTIP with Ethan Saffold, thus making her the blazemistress.
  • Lizzie was a member of the 4th year Gal Pals
  • Her eyeliner snatched fellow tipsters every year
  • Lizzie was also a part of the Mamachelles
  • She performed Rivers and Roads alongside Ani Bryce at the 2017 Talent Show
  • At the dances, Lizzie was found near the center of the moshpit and leading Vamos a la Playa. At the last dance, she led Hoedown Throwdown with Bella Golemi.
  • She had a Texas-off with Bella Golemi, which involved her throwing a steak from the shower.

The Last Will and Testament of Lizzie Wright

I, Lizzie Wright, of ethereal mind and restless body, do hereby bequeath the following: to Lily Vaughan, my first and closest friend, all the love in my tiny body; Taylor Krick, my legacy; Ethan, Mac, and Karlyn, my heart and soul in equal parts; Hailey, a functional foot, videos of all the times we've hit the floor laughing or falling off of beds/chairs, and the rest of my Froot Loops; Michelle Hill, a pile of paperwork and a Duke Mom hat; Tori's RAG, my apologies for being a little too hype; Josie, a new steak; Miranda, our mutual love for roasting Texas; Natalie, all the doggos your heart desires; Caroline, pants for the next time cops come for your roomie; Ani, justice and my (limited) knowledge of guitar; Bella, my Too Faced Lip Injection; Jake Polansky, a pair of scissors in case you decide to cut your hair; Tosca, justice and a pair of Tippropiate shorts, they come down to your knees; Hillary, new mouthwash; Miriam, all the cuddle puddles you could ask for; Louise, all my lousiness; Cassie, my extra af water bottle; Kiri, my firstborn; Noah, my motherly potato chips and all my angst; Tiler Rose, gratitude for sparking my love for this camp when I was 13. To the rest, I give my love and thanks for the best 12 weeks of my life. I'm going to miss my home.

Family Lineage

Lizzie is the spouse and Blazemistress of Ethan Saffold (Blazemaster II) and, therefore, the daughter-in-law of Nathan and Allie. She spawned three beautiful children, Reece Overholt (Blazemaster III, Watercolors Disc), Taylor Krick (Sockeisha), and Will Snider (). Each has two children of their own. Taylor's daughters are Lauren Watson (Sockeisha) and Sydney, Reece's sons are Garrick Reeder (Blazemaster IV) and Sam King (Watercolors Disc), and Will's kids are Katherine Lawson () and Braden Borbley (The Pride Flag). Ethan's legacy lives on through his family.

The Last Will and Testament of Lizzie Wright (Extended Edition)

I, Lizzie Wright, of ethereal mind and restless body, do hereby bequeath the following advice and sentiments to all my second, third, fourth, fifth,and ninth years I hold dear to my heart- To my second and third year babies, you guys are going to have so much fun for your next year(s) of TIP. Even when admin tries to mess it up for you, just keep your spirits high and remember- viva la revolution. Just don't do doggy doggy because you guys will ACTUALLY get handcuffed for that. But really, just have fun and enjoy the time you have with each other. You never realize how special TIP friends are until you have to leave them your fourth year. Please treasure your time and heck admin. To my fourth year loves, you guys made my fourth year perfect. Even though things got kind of messed up the last night mainly because we couldn't all say goodbye to a very special human wing who actually blessed all of our lives whether we were close with her or not, being my dearest friends was enough to make this term end on a perfect note. I will never forget my fourth year guts. Near, far, wherever you are ;) To my fifth years, I now get to join your ranks as a TIP alum. I want to give you guys all my love and all of my sympathy because w o w leaving tip hurts like motherhecker, and I don't think I realized how much y'all really had to go through with admin and leaving your friends last year until I had to go through the same thing myself. I love you guys, thank you for me process. To my one ninth(?) year, I give my deepest apologies. I wish there was something I could have done to stop what happened, I wish I could have gotten to say goodbye for now. Just know that I am most definitely coming to College Station to tour A&M this next school year and I 100% expect the exclusive tour. I love you, mom #2. Thank you for the song. Finally, to everybody who has been with me through this TIP journey, thank you thank you thank you for making me the weird, genrallydislikedamongnormalpeople human being that I am today. I wouldn't have it any other way. All my love, Liz/Blazemistress II