Jordan's RAG

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Jordan Couceyro, Also known as Dad, and one of the best RC's in the history of Duke Tip. His RAG, known as the L-Free Zone, because they never lose.Home.png

This awesome RAG is consisted of

  • Aidan.A (Twisty)
  • Chidozie (Chad)
  • Ben (greatest Saxaphone lender)
  • Sriman (Chickpeas)
  • Rishab (The groom)
  • William (The violinist)
  • Sam (many hours of video games)
  • Kyle(The Gardener)
  • Aidan Carley (Groupies)
  • Peyton (the bride)
  • Anatoly (The Mixtape Maker)
  • Julius(Whitney Houston)
  • Aneesh(50k on a canoe)
  • Kavi(The Frisbee God)